How to sell fostering a cat to a skeptic

Cat fostering can be a hard sell sometimes

It can be hard sometimes to convince others regarding the joy and fulfillment that comes from fostering a cat. Maybe they’ve never had a cat or claim to be allergic to cats. Or maybe they just need some coaching from you on where to begin. Here’s a few ways to help bring more cat fosters to the cause by selling your friends and family on why they should start fostering.

  • It’ll be like he’s never there – fostering a cat will help them to get over their fear of commitment. It’s not like fostering a dog when they need to be walked all the time. Fostering a cat is easy because likely your friend won’t see the cat all that often…at least at first.
  • They don’t need to be potty trained – ah the joys of owning or fostering cats. They come pre-potty trained to do their business in the backroom out of sight. And, technology has made cleaning the litter box a thing of the past so you can strike that off the list of excuses.
  • The costs are a tax write-off (yes really!) – of course we’re going to tell you to check with your local tax accountant to be sure but if you are serving as a volunteer cat foster for a local animal shelter that is a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS, your unreimbursed expenses can be tax deductible.
  • She’ll help control your mouse problem – feel free to insert your favorite noun here so whether June bugs, mice, or even the abundance of earbud cords, your temporary feline foster friend will help keep things under control.

Do you have a convincing argument that you’ve used to convince someone to be a cat foster?


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