6 ways to help animals through volunteering

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Do you want to help animals but not sure where to begin?

Here are 6 amazing ways you can volunteer to help more animals.

Being involved in animal rescue is an amazing and life-altering feeling.  You are helping those without a voice or the means to fend for themselves to survive in our chaotic world.  But for many people they are not sure where to begin or they are intimidated by the options.

We’re here to help!  Let’s run down 6 of the top ways you can help volunteer for animals.

1. Transport

Did you know there is an Uber for animal rescue?  Of course you did, it’s Doobert.com.  We help connect animal rescues and shelters across the country (and soon all over the world) to find volunteer-based transport to get the animals where they need to go.

Sometimes the animals need a ride to the veterinarian or spay / neuter clinic, and other times they need transport out of dangerous situations to their forever home.  Whatever the reason, Doobert is the ONLY custom-built system out there helping to connect you to help.

As a transporter you will simply show up at the designated location and drive (or fly) the animal to their destination.  It really is that simple.  Join us and experience the joy of knowing you’re helping animals.

2. Coordination

coordinatorSometimes you may not be able to transport animals or foster them but you still want to volunteer to help.  We recommend signing up as a transport coordinator because with just your computer and your phone, you can help save animals.

For longer rescue relay transports, there are often 20 or more volunteers in the relay chain.  Things do not always go as planned so the job of the transport coordinator is to keep the communication lines open, help the volunteers to sign-up for the “legs” of the transport, and ensure everyone is kept informed.

At Doobert, we even built a training to help you with this process so you can quickly learn the rules and save animals wherever you are.

3. Fostering

overnight fosterOften when people hear the term animal rescue foster they are concerned that they do not want to get involved for fear that they will want to keep all of the animals.  While certainly “foster failures” often end up in loving, forever relationships, this is not the norm.  As the animal rescue foster, your job is the advocate and caregiver to that sentient being until their permanent forever home is located.

Fostering can also be as simple as giving an animal a “field trip” out of the shelter for the day.  Taking them on a walk or to your local Starbuck’s for a Puppicino (yes this is a real thing!) provides that animal a stress break from the noise and confines of an animal shelter.

Fosters are also needed to provide comfort and warmth for overnight passengers on a long-distance rescue relay transport so even if you can only help out for 24 hours or less, there’s a need for your comfort and security.

4. Social Media posting

social media postingsSome people are serial social media posters.  Bet you didn’t know that this skill is definitely needed to help save animals.  Animal rescues and shelters across the country work tirelessly to get their animals posted so they can be adopted.  But imagine if you had 100+ animals coming into your shelter…every single day!  How would you find the time to photograph, write and post for every animal?

Social media volunteers work with the organizations to help create posts and manage the social media side of animal rescue.  So if you have skills with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, there’s an organization that would love to have your help!

5. Local animal shelter work

help animalsOf course volunteering your time at the local animal shelter will also be a great way to give back.  Shelters have volunteer programs where you can do things like walk dogs or cuddle cats to help reduce their stress from being in the shelter.

There’s also paperwork and even laundry that needs doing and just about every animal rescue or shelter we know would love to have your help in-person whenever you can offer it.

6. Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photo enthusiast, simply by using your skills to take good quality photos of animals, you can make a huge difference.

Animal shelters and rescues need people to photograph the animals so they can get their profiles up on social media and animal adoption sites.  And, if you’d be interested in getting some candid pictures of volunteers in action, you can be a transport handoff photographer on Doobert where you’ll grab great photos of the animals and people involved.

There are lots of ways you can help animals and these are just 6 of our favorites.  Anything you do makes a BIG difference so we encourage you to step up and get involved!

6 ways to help animals through volunteering


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