Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy


Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

What do you recall doing at the age of 10? Probably playing around the house and block with your friends. Not Jasmine Thomas-Gainey, though. At that young age, she was already coming up with a business proposal and mixing up recipes and formulas for dog treats!

Four years into her steadily growing business, Jasmine has proven that age is only a number in the business world. At 13, she has accomplished and learned things that no kid her age would even want to begin to understand!

Read on to see how this promising young entrepreneur and business owner came to be!


The Inspiring And Remarkably Young Entrepreneur Behind The Growing Business

Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

Jasmine Thomas-Gainey, currently 13 years old, is an inspiring and promising young entrepreneur that sells her human-grade, preservative-free, and home-baked dog treats on Etsy and at the markets near her home.

Her dream to establish a small business sprouted from her love for dogs and cooking/baking, a hobby she grew up doing with her grandmother. The thought of starting a business first came to her at the beginning of 2019.

During her 10th birthday the following year, her family gifted her a food dehydrator, dog treat molders, sealers, and other essential items to kick-start her business. She instantly started her plans.

She made a detailed business plan and gave a presentation to her parents, where she talked about profit margins and different ways to make treats. By then, she already came up with three original recipes.

She dived deep into her research, using existing dog treat recipes as a baseline or guide to create her own original formula. She played around until she could find the perfect portions, measurements, and ingredients!

 “We were able to substitute things and made them preservative-free and last longer but also make them healthy. Make them so dogs like them and enjoy eating them.”


Give Your Pets The Tasty and Healthy Dog Treats They Deserve

Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

Currently, Doggy Dog Treats By Jazzy offers various flavors to their customers, offering both variety and options for dogs!

“Just like humans, dogs have allergies too, and they can’t eat everything other dogs can.”

She has dog treats made of barley flour, dog biscuits with peanut butter, and bites created with coconut flour. These products are all-natural and organic, without any trace of chemicals or preservatives. They are also human-grade dog treats!

The dog treats utilize a natural preservative, rosemary extract, that helps extend the shelf life of the products. For now, they can last up to 6 months on storage! They can last even longer if kept in a freezer or fridge!


The dog treats have reached local retail stores and has sold quite well. You can also easily find Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy on Etsy and Shopify! You may also find her on Instagram!

“The business is growing more than I thought it would.”

Jasmine has expressed her plans to continue the business throughout high school — possibly even beyond that. With the increase in numbers, she and her family are looking for a commercial kitchen to make bigger batches of dog treats for future bulk orders.

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Jasmine: I’m Jasmine Thomas-Gainey and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome introduction, Jasmine.

So, you get to start us off. Tell us who you are and how you are innovating and helping animals.

Jasmine: I make fresh, preservative-free dog treats.

I started my business when I was ten, but I originally came up with the idea when I was nine. So, I’ve been in business for about four years-ish now, and the business is growing more than I ever thought it would.

Chris: Take us back to that point, Jasmine, you were sitting around playing with your dog and you said, “You know, I could make better dog treats.”

I grew up baking with my grandma. We would always be cooking and baking together.

But I also have always had a really strong love for dogs. So, I kind of just thought one day— thought about it one day and I kind of just put the two together and I got dog treats.

Chris: That’s awesome.

Now, you went to your mom and you said, “I want to have a business, I want to do dog treats.” And what did they tell you?

Jasmine: Their original response wasn’t like—they—I was nine, so, they didn’t think I was, like, serious about it.

If any nine-year-old were to come up to you and say, “I want to start a business,” it wouldn’t be a full-on yes right away.

So, I actually came up to them at the beginning of the year in 2019. That was the original ask. And then they said, “No” to see if I actually wanted to do it.

So, I kept asking throughout the year.

And then for my 10th birthday, they—my birthday gifts was a dehydrator, a bag—sealer bags, and molds for dog treats.

So, that was the start.

So, like, around Christmas time—2019 to 2020, that New year’s. They wanted me to come up with a business plan. So, I did. I talked about profit margins and how the treats have been made

I came up with three original recipes, and from there, we just kept building on. And that’s where we are today.

Chris: That’s what I think is so cool about you is all of this is you, right?

You came up with the business plan. You came up with the actual recipes. How do you even come up with recipes for dog treats?

Jasmine: It was definitely harder than I thought it would be.

It started with me looking at other recipes online and then taking components from different recipes and mixing them together and then testing them out for a long time.

And then, finally, we figured out the right portions and the right ingredients. And then from there, we were able to substitute things to make them preservative-free and to make them last longer, but also make them healthy and make them— so, dogs actually like them and enjoy eating them.

Chris: So now, you came up with a recipe. They bought you the bags and the molds and all this. You tested out a bunch of samples, and then how did you go about even selling this?

Jasmine: My Etsy shop started, I think, maybe like the same month. So in March of 2020, right when quarantine hit and we all went on lockdown, I opened my Etsy store, and then from there, everything just took off.

I was getting a lot of orders, and people—were basically just surprised that I was actually doing this, because my family had, of course, heard me talking about it.

But this was kind of just the first time that they actually saw it happen.

So, my Etsy has always been open, and then over the summer, I go to markets and I sell in person, which is a really nice experience for me, because I’m able to connect and interact with the customers, and they’re able to see me and hear my story, which I really enjoy.

Chris: Is it hard for you to keep up and then balance out with everything else going on?

Jasmine: It’s definitely harder than I assumed it would be, but I get so much support, I get so much help. That really helps.

And it affects my attitude about it, because if I didn’t get the support that I got, I definitely don’t know if I’d still be doing this after these past few years.

But my moms have been an amazing help. They both have their own kind of “jobs” when it comes to the business. One does the numbers and the other does the baking. And I try to help with both, which definitely can get time-consuming, but it pays off.

Chris: I was going to say, it sounds like, you’ve learned to manage upward, right?

They’re like your first two employees.

Jasmine: Yeah, they’re my unpaid employees. That’s what they call themselves.

Chris: There you go, that’s great.

Now I have to ask you, I have five cats, and they’re wanting to know, when are you going to make some cat treats?

Jasmine: That’s the biggest question I get. It’s definitely something that I’ve been thinking about. It’s in the works, it is.

The dog treats—

A lot of people actually do get them for their cats. I’ve gotten a few reviews. I’ve even had people use my treats on horses, and so, they’re kind of versatile when it comes to pets.

Chris: So, what’s next?

I mean, where do you want to go with this business?  Is this something you want to continue to grow for a while?

Jasmine: I definitely want to continue doing it while I go through high school. I’m in 7th grade right now. 

That’s definitely something I want to continue doing.  And then from there, I really want to keep doing shipments to stores.

We’re looking for a commercial kitchen right now. It’s been a really tough hunt. That’s like, one of the biggest goals right now.

We just finished the website, so, there’s a lot happening.

But my biggest goal is the commercial kitchen and continuing to grow the business throughout high school.

Chris: Well, Jasmine, this is really cool. I’m super excited for you. I mean, it sounds like such a journey.

Why don’t you tell everybody where they can find the treats, Etsy website, all those things.

Jasmine: My Instagram and Facebook is @doggydogtreatsbyjazzy.

My Etsy is Doggy Dog Treats by Jazz. And then you can find my treats in Woodlands Pet Food and Treats.


Chris: As I wrap up, if somebody’s watching, listening, if they have an idea, we would love to have you on the show to talk about it.

So, maybe you’ve been sitting on it, thinking about it, going: Oh, I have a great idea to help my dog, my cat, or any animals or the people that love them, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and just like Jazzy, we will have you on the show.

And of course, we always need more volunteers at DOOBERT.COM. You can be a foster, transporter, you can order your pet food through Doobert and we’ll donate 5% to the rescue or shelter of your choice.

So, check it out at DOOBERT.COM.

Jasmine, thank you so much for coming on. I really enjoyed it and I’m waiting to see how big this thing is going to get.

Jasmine: Thank you so much for having me.

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