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What if animal shelters weren’t holding facilities for animals and every animal was in a loving foster home? What if shelters could focus more time on programs and community engagement and less time on daily care and maintenance of the animals under their roof? Introducing FosterSpace, the newest suite of tools developed by Doobert. As you might have guessed, FosterSpace is focused on everything needed to run a successful animal fostering program. Launching more functionality every three weeks to complete our vision for a comprehensive system to help you communicate more effectively and manage your foster program successfully.

Imagine if you could communicate via text with your fosters all at the same time and keep track of their responses? What would the impact be if you could record a foster training video with your phone that automatically gets sent to every new foster applicant for your organization? How would life be for animals in your community if you had a way to engage all of your fosters regularly, receive updates, videos and photos of the animals in their care and then rely on their help to actively promote animals for adoptions?

Ambassador Pages have arrived!

Every animal receives its own Ambassador Page. Now everyone in your community can easily see their shining personality, capturing and posting photos and videos has never been so easy!

Check out this short video to learn more!

Finally, one platform that simplifies it all:

Sending foster requests to your social media channels is easy with just one click.

Streamlined application and matching process lets you recruit and approve new foster volunteers.

Communication is simple – texting, emailing, invites…which will you choose?

Saving animals through fostering has never been easier and now you can do it all in one place!
  1. Find and recruit foster volunteers – With just 1 minute of your time you can submit a foster request and with one click you can share on your FB page!
  2. Manage your foster program – No more spreadsheets, no more individual emails or phone calls. Checking in on your fosters is quick and simple – saving you time!
  3. Communicate with your fosters – Now you can text, email, send calendar invites, and even handle cases submitted by your volunteer fosters all from your Doobert dashboard!
Less clutter, more communication, bigger impact — it’s all possible!

We’d love to have you! Are you looking to sign-up yourself or your organization?

*Doobert is free for all organizations and individuals. Your first 10 animals are free – Try it out today!