Fosters Can Now Take Notes About Their Pets on Doobert!


The biggest factor in getting any pet adopted is personal connection. If a potential adopter doesn’t feel an emotional pull towards an animal, chances are they’re gonna keep looking.

But here’s the thing, as a foster, you actually have a great influence over how quickly your foster pet will find their forever home.

Why? Because you know your foster pet better than anyone else⁠. You know their likes, dislikes, quirks, talents, everything.

If you could take a quiz about your foster pet right now, we know that you know you’ll ace it even with your eyes closed! That knowledge is what’s going to help you find not only a willing adopter for your foster pet but the perfect adopter for your foster pet, which is very important.

So note it all down⁠—your foster pet’s distinct personality traits, the interesting stories you have of them⁠, all of it.

And when your little buddy is finally ready to find their own family, forward that information to the organization you’re working with.

It will help them create a better animal profile; one that will touch the heart of the right adopter. To make things easier for you, we added a feature on Doobert that allows you to take and organize your notes about your foster pet.

Follow the steps below to start jotting down all the cool things about your foster pet!



How to Take Notes Using Fosterspace


Step 1: Go to Doobert volunteer dashboard


Step 2: Click on the Fosterspace tab

Step 3: Click on the Add Notes icon

You’ll find the Add Notes icon to the right of your foster pet, below Actions.

Step 4: Type in your note about your foster pet

You can type in as many notes as you’d like. The more information you provide about your foster pet, the better.

Step 5: Click Save

All your notes will be listed in bullet points together with the date as to when each was added.

This Doobert feature can come in handy if you have more than one foster pet because it makes it easier for you to keep your notes for each animal separate and easy to locate when you need to forward it to the shelter or rescue you’re working with.



We’re excited for you to start using the feature! If you have ideas on how we can make it better, feel free to let us know in the comments!


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