Episode 38 – Kim George

38 Kim George_FB 38 Kim George_FB Kim George with Kane’s Krusade in Springfield, Massachusetts shares with us her mission to keep dogs with their families by directly addressing the root cause of surrender – economic, behavioral & tenant/insurance issues. Kane’s Krusade practices the HomeFirst model. We will also learn from Kim how Kane’s Krusade was created, what it takes to keep it going, and what the future holds for them. Many of the people that they serve also volunteer with Kane’s Krusade, now that’s paying it forward! Recently featured on NBC’s Left Field, check them out at https://youtu.be/v0umZsa29RY Welcome to the Professionals and Animal Rescue podcast, where a goal is to introduce you to amazing people helping animals and share how you can get involved with animal rescue. This’ll Podcast is probably sponsored by Joubert dot com. Do Bert is a free website designed to connect volunteers with rescues and shelters and the only site that automates rescue relate Transport. Now on with our show. Kim George, the founder and president of Keynes Crusade, joins us on the show today. While the organization started in 2011 her love for animals goes back to when she was a young girl. She enjoys all dogs, but it’s a special place in our heart for misunderstood breeds, especially pit bulls. The organization focuses on keeping dogs with their families, providing care, kids training, that assistance when possible and even helps with dog friendly housing. To date, her organization has helped over 600 dogs stay at home and out of the shelters. Hey, Kim, welcome to the program. Hey, Chris, thanks for having me. So tell us a little bit of a more about you and about Cain’s crusade. Well, I started crusade way back. It seems like eons ago. Um, 2011 as a vision. Basically, we were a people advocacy group, um, and that quickly evolved in 2012 to surrender. Prevention focused, and I’m not sure that the term everybody’s familiar with, but essentially, surrender prevention is about keeping dogs out of shelters to begin with. So tell us a little bit more about that. How does that work? Well, uh, I was having, you know, dinner with a dear friend who runs Amazing Municipal Shelter here in the greater Springfield area. And we were talking, you know, about the vision of came Crusade, which is named after my dog pain, Who is our chief and basketball. He is still with us. Um, and you know, she said, That’s great, Tim. I’ll definitely help you, you know, in terms of people advocacy. But, you know, and you know, we joke about this now because it’s all her fault. Um, she said, But, you know, um, no one in the area is really able to do anything to help people, you know, dog owners in marginal neighbourhoods. And that’s really what, um, you know, began this whole idea of our care kit, which I’ll talk about And, you know, um, really going right into under served neighborhoods to help people keep their dogs instead of, um, give them up duda economic or behavioral issues or, you know, tenant, landlord issue kinds of things. Um, I should also mention as well that my other pit bull at the time test, um, was diagnosed right before, um, we went into surrender prevention. She was diagnosed with mast cell tumors, the form of cancer. And unfortunately, it was systemic. So I refinanced my mortgage to be able to afford her chemotherapy, and I was very, very grateful. She lived five high quality happy years, um, on chemotherapy. Most people didn’t even know that she was sick, actually, because she was doing so well, then it eventually took its course. But what? Why that’s important is that got me thinking I was so grateful. I had the equity in my home and a home that I could leverage, you know, And I got to thinking, Wow, what do people do that can’t even afford food for their paths? Or the dog has, you know, an ear infection, and they can’t afford to go to the back. And that’s really you know that, combined with the conversation with my friend, really prompted me to, you know, transition are focused to surrender prevention, and we help all Greece dog. Um, we still have a huge love, Obviously her people. Um, Kim, have you always been in animal rescue? I’m curious. What? Your bank around this? Oh, well, um, I’ve done a lot of things. Um, eyes, uh, I’m kind of like a natural sales and marketing kind of gal. Um, eyes managed volunteers for years in a nursing home setting. Um, I have a grant writing background. I was a Vista volunteer which is now known as AmeriCorps. Ah, when I got out of college, I I, um, actually started a grant writing program for a homelessness, um, agency and Holyoke Massachusetts, and manage their volunteers and volunteered in the soup kitchen and the food pantry and the homeless family shelter. It was a fantastic experience. Um, and I’ve also done business development. And actually, in 2006 I wrote a best selling book called Coaching Into Greatness. And I’m trained as a professional business coach as well, so kind of diversified. But you know, all that brings in so many different skills that I’ve been able to utilize in leading this nonprofit. Yeah, No, definitely. That’s really cool. So So tell us more about King’s crusade. I mean, are you guys one of a kind organization or there are other organizations out there like you? Well, I’m excited to say that there are more, um, community outreach program, whether it’s, um, through local humane societies or, you know, rescue groups or whatever. There there’s Mawr of, I think, an emerging trend regarding surrender prevention. We are, um, similar and also unique in various aspects compared to other groups around the country. And there’s so many great organizations doing really important work. Um, so I would say, worth surrender prevention. Um, you know, focused. We address really the root causes of surrender so they they are economic, their behavioral. And then the housing issue is really, really a big deal. Um, obviously with ending economic issue, it’s not just food, but it’s really the best care that is challenging so many people. Um, so the way we provide our services, we have a care kit program and Care is an acronym. It stands for canine assistance, resource and Empowerment Kit and that word empowerment is really, really critical. It’s one of our key principles. We see people as part of the solution, not the problem. So we actually, and this, I think, is what makes us different from other surrender prevention groups that we look at the pet family as a unit, Um, were not solely focused on the dog. And right now we only serve dogs. Um, I’ll give you an insider, you know, Peak, I guess. But basically, we’re looking at expanding to include cats with a particular grant that we’re hoping to get funded for, So that could be coming. So everybody out there were not cat haters. That’s a good point. Definitely. Good. Um, yeah. And so again, canine assistants, resource and impoundment kids impoundments important because we don’t believe in giving handout. We don’t, um, just drop off food. Um, are care kits are not only, um, we deliver them monthly, and we go right to the person’s home. So we’re right in our local neighborhoods, and we serve the greater Springfield area of Western Massachusetts. So we have about £7 that we serve. And believe me, we could do so much more. We have the resource is but, um so the character, it’s not only include food, but we sponsor spay neuter. Um
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