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“True healing comes from within.”


This is the driving principle behind inClover Research, a company founded and led by world-renowned biochemist, Rebecca Rose.


Rebecca started her career as a biochemist from the human healthcare side and eventually transitioned into pet healthcare after seeing that animals need her expertise so much more.



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She explains in the podcast,

“Because lots of people are doing it for humans. But when I started looking at the animal side of things, there were lots of animal products out there but they weren’t actually going to the cause of the problem.”


Rebecca strongly believes in holistic treatment and she’s dedicated her life to developing supplements that are scientifically-designed for animals. For her, strengthening the immune system is the key to effectively treating illness, not merely masking the symptoms as most conventional medications do. And she’s right.


For both humans and animals, the immune system is there to fend off harmful microorganisms and aid in the recovery from illness. So supporting your pet’s inner defense system will make them heal quicker and less prone to sickness.


So what kind of supplements does inClover have? A LOT. They not only offer supplements for pet dogs and cats but also wild animals! As a matter of fact, they’re currently providing supplements for zoos across the United States.



inClover Products to Check Out


1. Connectin

The first pet supplement that inClover released was Connectin, which aids in joint repair. Rebecca mentions in the podcast that they chose a joint supplement as their first product because,

“1 in 4 dogs and cats currently is suffering with some kind of joint issue.”



What Connectin does is it provides the body with the building blocks that it needs to provide nourishment and support to problematic joints in pets.


As mentioned on the inClover website: “Connectin is the only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to help support comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days.” 



2. Optagest

The next product they developed was Optagest, which supports proper digestion and boosts the immune system by providing the body with prebiotics. And this is actually something really unique about inClover; instead of using the more popular probiotics in their products, they only use prebiotics.



So what’s the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? Probiotics are the good bacteria while prebiotics serve as the food for the good bacteria. With prebiotics present in the body, the number of probiotics increases, resulting in better digestion and nutrients being more easily absorbed.


Connectin and Optagest are not only popular among dogs and cats, they’re the leading supplements being used in zoos to keep animals like elephants, lemurs, and giraffes, in tip-top shape.


3. Grin & Smile

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your pet’s pearly whites in check but struggle with using a toothbrush, then you better check out Grin (for dogs) and Smile (for cats).



Both products are made in soft chew form and have ingredients meant to keep your pet’s mouth free of bacteria, plaque, and tartar that cause bad breath and dental issues. Plus, they’re vegan and formulated with prebiotics for that extra immune boost!


If you’re interested in checking out more products from inClover, click here.




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