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When you work with fosters, it’s important to maintain regular contact. But juggling multiple communication tools requires a lot of time and effort on your part to ensure that you’re able to follow up with everyone.


If communication is something that your organization struggles with, FosterSpace – our newest module – has your back!


With Fosterspace you can:

  • Send and receive texts and emails
  • Create calendar invites for your foster pets so your fosters stay updated on important events, like vet checks and meet-and-greets
  • Send announcements to specific fosters


And so much more! We’ll talk more about the other features in a separate blog which we’ll deliver straight to your inbox in our coming newsletters so keep an eye out for those!


For now, we’ll show you how you can get started on using Fosterspace to simplify communication with your foster volunteers!


Step 1: Click Fosterspace then DashboardFosterspace dashboard

Step 2: In the Current Fosters quadrant click Choose Your Phone #

Having a phone number allows you to communicate with your volunteers directly from your Doobert dashboard.

Fosterspace - Select your phone number


Step 2: Go to the Messages quadrant 


Step 3: Click on the plus icon


Step 4: Type in a foster’s name


The system will auto-predict the names as you type.


Step 5: Type in your message


Step 6: Hit Enter to send your message

When your foster replies, their name will show up at the top of your message list and be highlighted with a blue dot.


It will also reflect in the Current Fosters quadrant located on the lower left-hand side.


Once you’ve opened the message, the blue dot disappears.


And the message icon in the Current Fosters quadrant goes back to normal.


Pretty easy, right? It’s just like Facebook messenger but exclusively for your fosters!


Sign up to get started with Fosterspace today.

Want to learn more about Fosterspace? Click here!



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