Empowering volunteers with powerful tools and training

Being a rescue volunteer is fulfilling enough but with Doobert, you can maximize your time to save more animals.


What We Offer Dooberteers

At Doobert, we’re proud to support you in your journey to making the world a better place for animals.

Connect with Nearby Organizations

Looking to donate your time to helping animals in need? Use Doobert’s powerful tools to easily find and connect with reputable organizations near you!

Volunteer at Your Own Pace

On Doobert, you choose how and when you’re available to volunteer. You can even manage your notifications and set up a proximity alert for nearby organzations.

THE DOOBERT platform

Designed to Help You Help Animals

Collaboration and Animal Transport Made Easy

Get notifications for upcoming transports and help animals reach their destination! It could be a Local Ride within your area or a Relay Transport, where you work with other passionate Dooberteers to move an animal across the state.

Set your availability to do transports.

Receive email and text notifications.

Find transport requests near you. 

Easily invite people you know to join transports.

Simplified Pet Fostering with Fosterspace

With Fosterspace, you can quickly find animals needing fosters and submit an application. As an approved foster, you can also use Fosterspace to communicate with the organization and manage your pet’s profile to help them get adopted faster!

Connect with nearby organizations.

Easily search for animals needing foster.

Send notes and updates about your foster pet.

Get pets adopted by filling out their pet profile.

Keep Track of Your Adoption Applications and Animals

Having a hard time finding a pet to adopt? Check out the Available Animals link on our menu! Search for pets by type and location and easily connect with organizations to start the application process. 

Search for animals available for adoption.

Monitor pending adoption applications.

Contact organizations when needed.

Track your pet adoptions in one place.


Ways You Can Help Animals as a Dooberteer

Transport Animals

Bring animals to their forever homes by being a volunteer transporter! Organizations will notify you if there is an available animal to be transferred to their new home or to another shelter.

Foster Animals In Need

Share your love and care for animals in need by becoming a foster! Fostering is a great way to help animals transform into their best self and increase their chances of getting adopted!

Pet Photography

A good photo is capable of melting the coldest of hearts and improving the worst of days. Highlight an animal’s best qualities and help them find their furever through pet photography!

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Join our community of animals lovers as we work hand in hand in building a better world for animals, one rescue at a time.