Doobert Tip of the Week: Preferred Volunteers

preferred volunteers

Setting up your preferred volunteer list in Doobert

Doobert knows that your organization is different and you want to be able to configure things to work your way.  You probably already know that Doobert has a feedback mechanism that you can rate volunteers, and of course we have blacklist and whitelist functionality to exclude or include only the volunteers you want notified of your transports.

But what if you have a select set of SUPER VOLUNTEERS that you want to get first dibs on your transports and rides but then if the legs don’t fill you want to open it up to all of the Doobert volunteers?  Then you need to setup a Preferred Volunteers List.

Setup your preferred volunteer list

First thing you’ll need to do is create a preferred volunteer list in your Doobert organization so that we know which volunteers to give first dibs to.  This can be 1 volunteer or a hundred but they’ll need to be Doobert volunteers in order for you to select them.

1. From your Organization dashboard go to the icon in the top right corner and select MANAGE PEOPLE in the drop-down.









2. Now click on ADD PREFERRED VOLUNTEERS and search by name or e-mail to identify the volunteers to add to your list.









3. You can keep adding more names to the list or even upload them by Excel.

Indicating to use your preferred volunteer list for your transports & rides

Now that you have your preferred volunteer list setup you can indicate every time you create a transport or a ride whether we should send to them first.  Then if the leg doesn’t fill, you can come back and edit your transport or ride and turn this off, and Doobert will automatically notify all of the eligible volunteers in our database.

Selecting preferred volunteers on a rescue relay transport

1. After you enter the transport basics, you get the screen to select the type of transport you want.  If you select “You split into legs” transport, the option to publish to preferred volunteers appears just above the SAVE & CONTINUE button.


2. If you select an “Auto-split into legs” transport, the option to publish to preferred volunteers appears on the pop-up screen.

Selecting preferred volunteers on a local ride

1. On the create local ride page, the option to publish to preferred volunteers is at the bottom of the page above the PUBLISH RIDE & CANCEL buttons.







That’s it for this week’s tip.  Got a question on Doobert?  Got a suggestion for a tip we should share?

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Preferred Volunteers - tip of the week


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