Gatorade for Dogs to Drink a Lot of Water Keeps Your Pet Healthy | DoggyRade

doggyrade helps keep pet healthy and encourages dogs to drink lots of water

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 89 - DoggyRade

Gatorade for Dogs to Drink a Lot of Water Keeps Your Pet Healthy | DoggyRade

Having trouble getting your dog to drink a lot of water? DoggyRade Isotonic Drink may be the best solution to help keep your pet healthy.

Manufactured by Tonicity, DoggyRade is a healthy and nutritional liquid formula for Fidos. It won the Product Innovation Award at the 2021 Pet Industry Federation Awards, while its Pro version picked up the Pet Care Product Award at the New Product Showcase.

According to Alon Rosenberg, who co-founded Tonicity and was born and raised in Israel,

“DoggyRade is obviously for dogs. It’s a ready-to-use drink, and it’s more recreational. So, if you go out with your dog, if you travel with your dog or just want your dog to have fast hydration in a way that the dog will feel like a treat because it’s extremely palatable, then you will use a DoggyRade.”

The Virus That Developed DoggyRade

developing doggyrade

The idea for the isotonic drinks began back in 2014 when the U.S. swine industry was confronted with the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV).

“[The virus] caused severe diarrhea that led most of the time to the death of piglets. So, to help the piglets fight this virus, we were looking to make some form of a formulation that will act as fast hydration and also support the gut system of piglets,”

Alon shared.

At the time, their goal was to give piglets the energy and hydration they need to fight the virus.

Fortunately, they found that the key was simple: feed the villi and nourish them in the form of an isotonic drink. Villi are the small cells inside our guts that take all the digested food into our bloodstream.

“We did so many tests on piglets, and the result was so amazing that at some point, we said that we need to take this formula, change it a little bit, and make it more palatable for dogs and cats but use the same benefit and the same knowledge. It took us almost five years to bring it into the companion animals’ world.”

DoggyRade, KittyRade, YummyRade: Tonicitys Three Product Offerings for Pet Hydration

With their successful formulation of an isotonic drink for piglet hydration, Alon and the Tonicity team then went on to develop three other products for dog and cat hydration.

Eventually, they came up with DoggyRade, KittyRade, and YummyRade.

“DoggyRade and KittyRade are isotonic, ready-to-use drinks for dogs [and cats], while YummyRade, the third member in the family, is actually a meal enhancer. All three products have natural ingredients and serve the same purpose: they offer fast hydration and gut support for pets,”

Alon explained.

tonicity's products doggyrade kittyrade yummyrade

To further elaborate, DoggyRade Isotonic Drink supports good intestinal health in pooches through its natural prebiotics, amino acids, and electrolytes. This is especially helpful in cold weather when dogs are more vulnerable to gastrointestinal issues.

“With dogs, sometimes it’s difficult to notice how much liquid they lost, and usually, when you give them water, they will not drink enough. So, you need to stimulate them a little with DoggyRade because the palatability, the natural chicken liver flavor, [will make] the dogs drink much more. Not only that, but because of its isotonic properties, the amount of water that will get into the dog’s bodyand not into the dog’s bladderis much greater. So, all around, the dog will enjoy drinking. It’s like a treat, and the dog will get much more liquid than water.”

On the other hand, cats generally don’t drink enough fluids. This can cause a lot of health issues, including kidney disease. For this reason, KittyRade is a great way to make sure that felines’ digestive system is balanced.

Alon emphasized, though, that cats can be fussy and aren’t used to drinking liquid. Thus, it might take them a day or two to get familiar with KittyRade.

As for YummyRade, it has the ability to enhance both the palatability and quality of pets’ dry food. While it doesn’t have the isotonic and fast-hydration properties of the other two, it contains properties that support the guts.

If you want to get a discount on their products, simply use the code “10DOOBERT” as many times as you want to get a 10% discount.


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Alon: Hi there, Alon Rosenberg here, and you are tuned to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Alon: So, my name is Alon Rosenberg. As you can hear from my accent, I was actually born and raised in Israel.

So, DoggyRade and KittyRade are isotonic drinks, ready-to-use drinks for dogs and cats. And YummyRade, the third member of the family, is actually a meal enhancer. But all three products serve the same purpose and they are fast hydration and gut support for pets.

The DoggyRade is obviously for dogs. It’s a ready-to-use drink. 

KittyRade is for cats. And as your audience obviously knows, cats, in general, don’t drink enough. And this caused a lot of issues for cats, kidney condition, crystals, stone in the bladder—the list goes on and on.

But it also serves a medical purpose where the cats get more liquids and it balances the diet in a way that supports, again, their kidney, bladder health, and gut health.

YummyRade is a meal enhancer. You put it on top of the dry food. Think of ketchup on top of the fries. And dry food, even if you use the best brand out there, all-natural ingredients, no GMO, and all of that goodies—still being dry is missing a lot of important vitamins and other elements that you just can’t put in dry food.

So, YummyRade will enhance both the palatability and also the quality of this dry food. It doesn’t have the isotonic properties and the first hydration properties of the drinks, but it has other properties that support the guts.

Chris: Yeah, I love that.

And like you said, it’s specifically formulated because they have, they have different needs.

Alon: Correct, and I want to emphasize when you walk—Let’s take an example. We are now in the winter, but let’s imagine it’s the summertime and you walk with your dog and you play a little bit with the dog in the park.

The dog lose a lot of water, like we are. But with dogs, sometimes it’s difficult to notice how much liquids the dog lost. And usually when you give the dog water, they will not drink enough.

So, you need to stimulate them a little bit. DoggyRade, because of the palatability— it’s chicken liver flavored. It’s all-natural ingredients, by the way, I didn’t mention that before.

The dogs will drink much more. And not only that, because of the isotonic properties of the liquid, the amount of water that will get into the dog’s body and not into the dog’s bladder, is much greater.

So, all around the dog will enjoy drinking. So, it’s like a treat, and the dog will get much more liquid than water.

Chris: What’s the feedback you’re getting from people? Do they like it? Does it work? What are the use cases?

Alon: So, the feedback is unbelievable. We are learning more and more from our clients—when they use DoggyRade and KittyRade and how they use it and see the reaction from the dog.

And again, the palatability of this product is unbelievable. And they like to see the reaction of the dog. And the dog is much lively after that. The dogs get all this water and energy. They feel good.

So, pet owners use it more oftenly. And we saw people that even use it every day.

Chris: That’s really cool that you’ve discovered—

I mean, there’s a parallel industry, right. Besides me with my dog playing at the park, right. Giving him a nice fresh drink. That’s a really cool use of this.

So, what’s next for you guys? What is the future look like?

Alon: So, we actually have quite a lot of products in our R&D at the moment, and we have five or six more products that are currently under R&D, and we hope to introduce them later in 2022.

Chris: It has been quite the journey for you so far.

What have you learned about yourself on this journey? 

Alon: So, it’s been a very long journey. And in the beginning, we received a lot of notes from people that looked at it.

But because we have so much scientific data behind the product and we spent so many years and so many millions on putting all the data behind the product.

So, when we came back to those partners, distributors, big chains, etc. And show them the amount of data and knowledge that we gain, we were able to convince them of the need of such product.

And now in Europe, where we start picking the fruits of this effort and to see the pet owners buy it and use it. And the rebuy sale is very high.

And this is where we get our satisfaction after this hard work and investment.

Chris: So, Alon tell people where they can get it? I know you mentioned Chewy is coming and Amazon and obviously the website, what’s the website? They can learn more.

Alon: So, the website is WWW.DOGGYRADE.COM and we will offer Chris to your audience a coupon that they can use on Amazon.

So, we will give all of your audience a 10% discount that they can use as much time as they want. It’s not a one-time coupon.

It will be in the comments, I believe, of your podcast.

Chris: Alon, I’m really excited that you came on to talk about this today.

And as we wrap things up, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an amazing idea to change the world like Alon did, even if it takes you twelve years, right, we still want to talk about it. We’d still love to have you on the show.

So, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on and talk about it.

So, Alon, thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Alon: Same here. Thank you for having me, Chris.

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