Dog Adoption Tip #7 – Be Prepared

dog adoption During the first six dog adoption tips we have been discussing how important it is to rescue a dog. We’ve been talking about the responsibility of pet parenting, where you can go to find a dog, whether it’s searching online via adopt-a-pet or, or going in person to a shelter or a rescue group. So now you know where to go.  But when you get there, you might be asked some questions, especially from rescue groups- they’re going to have a lot of questions for you.  And you are certainly going to want to have a list of questions to ask the adoption specialists whether at a shelter or through a rescue group.

Some sample questions that you might ask are:questions

Does this dog have any health challenges? If so, what type of medical care might be required? Has he ever lived with a family before? Where is he used to sleeping? Is he ok with kids? Other pets?

Some questions they might ask you include:

Who is the primary caretaker? Will the dog be confined?  If so, where?  In a crate? For how long at a time? Who will care for your dog while you are out of the home or away for extended periods? Do you have a dog walker? In addition to asking you many questions, a rescue group will ask you to fill out an application and likely come do a home check.

So here’s tip #7:

Be prepared with a list of questions to ask and expect that the shelter or rescue group will ask you questions as well.  I offer a much more comprehensive list of questions to ask and that you might be asked in What To Expect When Adopting A Dog. You can download them for Free by going here and scrolling down to Tip #7. If you have even more questions, or know someone else who could use support, pick up a copy at the Doobert Rescue Store!
dog adoptionAre you prepared?
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