How to Add Routes to Favorite Rides

 Are you still manually typing in locations every time you publish a local ride request?


You could actually save yourself a lot of time by using Favorite Rides!


Adding them as a Favorite Ride allows you to quickly select the appropriate route instead of having to enter the same information every time you create a ride request.


What’s even better is that you’ll now have access to these locations when you create local ride requests using the Doobert mobile app!


So not only do you save time, but you also get the ability to publish ride requests anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone.


Follow the steps below and start building out your list of favorite rides!



Adding a Location #


Before you can select routes as pick-up or drop-off points from your Favorite Rides, you first need to add them to your list of Locations. Follow these steps:


Step 1: On your Organization Dashboard, click on the Transport tab #


Step 2: Select Manage Favorites #


You can also access Locations & Favorites by clicking on the More tab then selecting Shortcuts.How to Use Favorite Rides For Local Ride Requests


You’ll then see various tiles for different Doobert features, including one for Locations & Favorites.How to Use Favorite Rides For Local Ride Requests


Step 3: Click Add New Location  #


Step 4: Provide the needed information #


After that, click Add New Location.

It should instantly appear on your list of locations.


Adding a Favorite Ride #

The location you just added will now be available as a To or From location when you create a Favorite Ride. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Click on Manage Your Favorite Rides #

Step 2: Click Add New Favorite  #

Step 3: Input the necessary details #

Finalize your favorite ride by clicking on Add New Favorite.

It should automatically be added to your list of Favorite Rides.

Creating Local Ride Requests Using Favorite Rides #

The route you added as a Favorite Ride will now show up as an option whenever you create a Local Ride request. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Go to the Transport tab #

On your Organization Dashboard, click on the Transport tabHow to Use Favorite Rides For Local Ride Requests


Step 2: Select New Local Ride #


Step 4: Provide the Transport details. #


Scrolling down you’ll see the list of the routes you added as a Favorite Ride and be able to quickly select the one you want.

After that, you simply hit Publish Ride and you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

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