How Publish Local Ride Requests On Mobile

When you add a route to your list of Favorite Rides, it will not only appear as an option on the Doobert platform but also on the Doobert User mobile app.   This allows you to create local ride requests on your smartphone. Simply follow the steps below.    

Step 1: Download the Doobert User Mobile App #

Go to the App Store (or Google Play Store, if you have an Android phone), type in Doobert User app, and install the application on your phone.   

Step 2: Log into your Doobert account #

Once you’ve installed the app, open it, and click Log in .   Then sign in to your existing Doobert account…or sign up, if you’re new to Doobert.  

Step 3: Go to Local Rides #

After signing in, click on Local Rides. The process is pretty much the same as creating ride requests on the Doobert Dashboard.  

Step 4: Select a favorite ride #

In the Where-To section, you’ll see a list of your Favorite Rides. Select the appropriate route and input all the needed information.

Step 5: Publish your ride request #

Confirm your local ride request by clicking Publish Ride and voila, you’ve created your first local ride request using the Doobert mobile app!

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