Decorating An Office Space With Stunning Dog Art │Global Dog Art


Decorating An Office Space With Stunning Dog Art │Global Dog Art

Combining art and animals is a sure way to catch attention and keep conversations going. Placing dog art in a particular space can make it warmer and more welcoming. 

That is what Michael Puck, dog photographer, believes. He worked initially as a dog walker, volunteering to support animal shelters. 

Decorating An Office Space With Stunning Dog Art │Global Dog Art

Though, he quickly realized that walking dogs would not create the kind of impact he wanted. He wanted to do more, to be more. 

So, he decided to combine his old passion with his new one ─ photography and dogs. 

According to Micheal, 

“So, I started taking pictures of dogs. Now, 15 to 20 dogs over the course of an hour. And I was always getting super excited when these pictures gain 10,000 – 20,000 likes on Facebook because it was a sure sign that the dogs would get adopted.”

From there, he slowly started creating and visualizing his dream. It came to be in the form of a non-profit, the Global Dog Art Gallery. 

Dog Photography To Help Dogs In Need

He rekindled his old love, photography, in 2014. He started with taking pictures of pretty much everything and anything ─ landscapes, nature, people.

In 2016, he started taking pictures of dogs from shelters and posting them on social media. He quickly realized that the positive attention it receives results in more and quicker pet adoptions. He also started receiving requests for private photo sessions for clients with their pets. 

“I use the funds from the private photo sessions in order to pay for the veterinary care of shelter and rescue dogs.. That’s how I started. “

He started selling his work to local businesses in the area. That was when he saw the massive potential in dog photography. 

According to the research he did, photos of animals, especially dogs, can have a significant impact on humans. A single dog picture in one space can increase the likelihood of a person interacting with strangers. 

Despite only being in print, dogs have proven that they are social catalysts that can bring people together and facilitate interactions among them. 

“As an economist by training, I realized that there was something relatively big that I need to explore further.”

That was when he thought of the idea of his non-profit and kick-started it. 

The Start Of Global Dog Art Gallery

Michael reached out to what he fondly calls ‘internationally-celebrated dog photographers’ to ask for help to start and launch what then was only a dream and idea. 

Decorating An Office Space With Stunning Dog Art │Global Dog Art

He pitched and shared his plan, asking them if they could contribute 3-5 of their best pieces to build an online gallery for a good cause. They will approach businesses and sell the pieces. The proceeds will be used to support non-profit organizations and save animals. 

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and not long after, Global Dog Art was launched. 

“It’s the representation of about 20, and this will grow over time, but about 20 internationally-celebrated dog photographers from 12 different countries.”

The Global Dog Art Gallery offers unique pieces that you would not see anywhere else. Curating professional and big-name photographers mean creating a gallery with a wide variety of subjects. These pieces are a combination of things ─ dogs, landscape, poses, and scenery. 

With the small collection of highly curated art, Michael wanted to make sure that every business environment and space could find something that would fit their personal and business style. 

It is undoubtedly another way of raising funds without asking for donations. Global Dog Art is a non-profit that aims to protect and save animal lives by harnessing the power of dog art and photography to build business relationships. 

“Our goal is to save 1 million dogs by 2030. That’s eight years from now. And I think a vital step to get there, is to promote dog wall art to 5,000 businesses in the next five years.”

Learn more about Global Dog Art Gallery by visiting their page at

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Michael: I’m Michael Puck, and you are tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent job, thank you, Michael.

So, why don’t you start us off and tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Michael: I’m a photographer, I’m a dog photographer.

But really, I was initially a dog walker. I was trying to volunteer and help and support the animal shelter.

And then I realized that walking three dogs, over the course of an hour doesn’t really make much of an impact.

So, I decided to find something that could help more dogs over the same period of time, because all of us have limited time and resources.

And so, I started taking pictures of dogs—now 15 to 20 dogs over the course of an hour. And I was always getting super excited when these pictures got 10,000, 20,000— likes on Facebook, because it was a surefire sign that the dogs would get adopted.

But with so much attention on social media, it didn’t take long until dog owners and cat owners came to me and said, “Hey, can you also take pictures of my dog?” Yeah, sure but I will charge for that.

And so, I started charging, and I used the funds from the private photo sessions in order to pay for veterinary care of shelter and rescue dogs. That’s where I started.

When I started selling my work to local businesses, I quickly realized that there was huge potential, but I saw myself really being the bottleneck in the process. Because I have limited hours that I can really direct towards that effort.

I have a full-time job, so I wanted to come up with an idea that would make it scalable. And so, a year and a half ago, I reached out to a number of—what I would call internationally celebrated dog photographers.

Dog photography is a very young profession in itself, but there are some amazing talents out there, and I reached out to about 20 of them to share an idea.

The idea was: If we can get together and each of you contribute three to five of your best pieces, and then we built an online gallery and we approach businesses and we make that work available to businesses, and then the proceeds from that are being used in order to support nonprofits and to save animals.

Would that be something you’d be interested in?

And the feedback was overwhelmingly positive because there is no one out there who’s a dog photographer who’s not also a dog lover, because you don’t end up working with dogs all day long if you don’t love dogs.

And so, that energy was just absolutely amazing.

And the first of this year officially— put in place what’s now called The Global Dog Art Gallery. And it’s a representation of about 20, and this will grow over time, but about 20 internationally celebrated dog photographers from twelve different countries.

And so, this is being promoted to businesses, small businesses, larger businesses.

Because especially after the pandemic, and I think I can officially say “after” at this point, is that okay?

Chris: Yeah, I hope so.

Michael: Let’s hope again.

But it’s something that businesses really trying to hone into. How can I create environments that are warm, that are welcoming, environments where people feel comfortable, environments that help me to connect with the person on the other side?

Businesses want to move away from just a transactional perspective. They rely on building relationships. And dog wall art in an office for a financial advisor or an accountant or a hairdresser, can be that spark, can be that platform on which two individuals then connect.

Chris: So, Michael, tell people the website again, and maybe how if they want to become an affiliate and get involved, they can check that out.

Michael: Yeah, absolutely, the address—so, the name of the gallery is The Global Dog Art Gallery. While this was a little long for URL,it’s the—it’s WWW.GLOBALDOGART.COM.

On there, you can also get a hold of me, or you can find me on LinkedIn. That’s where I spend most of my time and just look for Michael Puck.

There are not too many that are willing to carry that name, so that’s an easy way to find me as well.

Chris: Well, Michael, I’m really excited to see where you’re going to take this. Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Michael: Being a nonprofit, I have a board of directors, and so we get together every so frequently to discuss where we will take this nonprofit, where we would like to take this nonprofit.

Our goal is to save 1 million dogs by 2030. So, that’s eight years from now. And I think a vital step to get there is to promote dog wall art to 5000 businesses in the next five years.

So, this is kind of the immediate runway that we’re on, because I have actually something coming up in this fall that I’m very excited about.

Chris, I might actually mention that right now.

And this is a Ted Talk at TEDx High Point in North Carolina, where this will be the core of the conversation or the talk and hopefully this is the one additional means of getting the word out.

But I’m also very active on LinkedIn, but our goal is to save 1 million dogs by 2030, and I believe, I believe that this is very, very possible because that should be just the first milestone, big milestone, obviously, on the journey, because I think there’s much more possible than that, actually.

Chris: Wow, I love that, that is quite the big vision, and it sounds like you’ve got a plan to get there.

Michael: It is a very scary vision.

So, this produces butterflies in my stomach. Going and doing a TEDx Talk is also not something that I feel like doing tomorrow, but it’s still a few months out until that’s happening.

But, yeah, I think this is very exciting and I’ll put a lot of energy in there. I have a lot of supporters in the field as well, photographers that are excited about it, businesses that are excited.

So, I think this could really make a substantial difference in helping animals.

Chris: Well, Michael, I totally agree.

I’m so excited that you came on to talk about it and to think that it just started with you walking dogs at a shelter and it’s led to this.

And as I wrap up our show here, that’s what I always love to remind our viewers and listeners is it just starts with an idea and Michael is walking dogs at a shelter and said, you know, I can do more, and it led into something more and more and more.

Now he’s going to focus on saving a million dogs in the next eight years.

So, maybe you’re watching or listening and you’ve got an idea for something that can help animals and the people that love them. We want to know about it.

Go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW. We’d love to have you come on the show.

And if you’re looking for a way to get involved, like Michael did, become a Dooberteer. You can go to DOOBERT.COM, where you can sign up to be a transport or a foster.

You can even be a photographer. There’s so many rescues and shelters across the country that can really use your help.

So, DOOBERT.COM is the place to go to get involved.

So, Michael, thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed it. And I’m absolutely behind you 100% to help you hit that goal.

Michael: Chris, thank you so much, it was a great pleasure.

Thank you so much for having me on the show.

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