Daily email feature

Welcome to the new Daily Email Digest on Doobert! We’re excited to bring this approach to help reduce the emails you get from the Doobert system. We know for some of you, this is the first email you’ve had from Doobert in a while so we’re looking forward to bringing you new content and ways to get engaged saving animals. Let us know what you think.


  • Thanks for letting me know Otto. I have my team actively working on it. We’ll fix it as soon as we can!

  • Danita L Twedt

    Hi Chris – How do I unsubscribe to the Daily Emails? I received them yesterday and today but there is not an option to unsubscribe in the emails that I received? I’m taking an indeterminate break from rescue and transporting due to health issues (I need back surgery), erggghhh.

    Please keep me on the main records (and program updates emails, etc. if that is an option), as it is only the daily emails that I do not need at the present time.

    Thanks, Chris!

    • Hi Danita. I’m having it rolled back tomorrow until we can get the issues fixed.

  • Ed Marits

    Hi Chris… How do I sign up for the ONCE a day email burst of transports?

    • Hi Ed. Great question! Login to your Doobert account (https://app.doobert.com/sign-in/) and at the top right goto My Account and then Manage My Emails and Notifications. You can turn on the daily digest there and you’ll get 1 email per day with all of the transports and other items that are relevant to you. Thanks for the question!

  • Hey Daria. Please, ask away. You can reach me directly at [email protected] too.