Challenging Society’s Attitude Towards Disadvantaged People and Undesirable Dogs | Reboundog

Challenging Society’s Attitude Towards Disadvantaged People and Undesirable Dogs | Reboundog

Challenging Society’s Attitude Towards Disadvantaged People and Undesirable Dogs | Reboundog


In a society where the greater majority lives in extreme poverty and below the widely acceptable living standards, disadvantaged people have become a common sight to the point that many have started to turn a blind eye to what’s going on.


Fortunately, there are still individuals and welfare groups that strive to give a helping hand to those who are in dire need of it.


“I believe that undesirable dogs and disadvantaged people have the right to actually belong in society rather than be cast into the dark shadows.”

So says Spencer Hodgetts, founder of Reboundog, a group of pet advocacy and therapy professionals collaborating from all over the world to resolve huge social issues that one normally cannot solve alone.


It may sound like an ambitious goal, but Spencer, a social entrepreneur who has turned international networking into art with a social impact, believes it is achievable.


He explains in the podcast,

“I really don’t know (the step-by-step process to achieve that), but if I can provide the platform that would help bring the conversation along…bring the social workers in, sure.”


“It is my personal goal to enhance and improve the lives of those who have been kicked around,”

Spencer adds. This extends to both disadvantaged people and undesirable animals.


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For over half a century, Spencer has used his listening and networking skills to connect individuals who can make a social impact and who dream of a better world for both humans and animals alike.


According to Spencer, “I’ve taken that background of 50 years and found something that really drives me. Those who haven’t got a voice, who can’t be heard, who have been kicked around, how do we give that animal or person an opportunity to participate? So, we connect and collaborate so we bring people together, and together we can really, really make a difference.”

This is where the idea of Reboundog came into being.


As a social-impact network, Reboundog aims to become a platform where individuals from all walks of life can engage with one another. One of its main objectives is to find those professionals who are making an influence in the society and educate and empower the next generation of pet advocacy and therapy professionals, such that they can learn from the previous generation’s experience and make a change that can impact communities.


On the animals’ side, Spencer and Reboundog intend to change society’s attitude towards undesirable dogs by innovating the common methods of rescuing animals.


Spencer expounds on the subject: “It’s been going on as a charity-based model, that we take a dog off the streets or out of puppy mills, and we find the funds through the charity-based model or philanthropic funding. And hopefully, we’ll find somebody who would be all, ‘Oh, I’d like that dog!’”


“But we have to look at it another way. Those dogs have value in society. If we can enable some of them to become therapy dogs—not just therapy dogs, but dogs that are actually pre-trained on what to do with veterans, with the PTSD, those sight dogs and hearing dogs… If we can get somebody to train, who can teach them to listen…then we can inspire a change within the animal rescue community and within the disadvantaged and the privileged people side of the world.”


What about the costs?

“There is a cost, but if you turn that cost from the cost of training dogs and the people to that huge social cost we have at the moment that’s coming out of our taxes and what it costs society to disregard these people and throw them away, it balances out. We end up achieving…an inclusive society.”



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