Create A Custom Email Address with Google for FREE

  Is your organization still using email addresses that end with "", "", or ""? If you are, you probably have your reasons. Perhaps, because of your busy schedule, you just haven't gotten around to changing it. Or maybe, you're feeling like you're not in the position to add to [...]

Shelter Pet Photography: Do You Have What It Takes?

A good quality photo can make all the difference in the life of a shelter pet. In fact, it can save a life. But, is having the skill and a high-end camera enough to be a volunteer pet photographer?  Is that all shelters are looking for? Shelters often struggle with [...]

3 ways photographers can volunteer to save animals & grow their business

Photographing animals while growing your business. It's a win win! Being an animal photographer is tough work The creative arts are often a tough way for people to make a living.  This is sad considering that living life with a passion for what you do is proven to lead to [...]