The All-in-One Tool for Your Social Media Management Needs

  Having a good social media presence is extremely beneficial, especially for us animal welfare organizations. It allows us to spread the word about our causes more effectively and build connections with other people, which is very important in our industry. For you as a shelter or rescue, a big [...]

Create A Custom Email Address with Google for FREE

  Is your organization still using email addresses that end with "", "", or ""? If you are, you probably have your reasons. Perhaps, because of your busy schedule, you just haven't gotten around to changing it. Or maybe, you're feeling like you're not in the position to add to [...]

Backlink Basics: What Are Backlinks and Why Does Your Site Need Them?

  Who are we kidding? Every time we publish a blog, we're silently wishing for it to make it to the top of Google's search results; or at least anywhere on the first page, right? And you probably already know that one of the best ways to make that happen [...]

Gain Passive Income from This Online Pet Pharmacy!

  Fundraisers, donations, and adoption fees are absolutely necessary to keep a nonprofit organization operational. Unfortunately, for many, these fund sources aren't enough. And if you feel like your organization is among the shelters and rescues that are often struggling to keep themselves afloat financially, this online pet pharmacy might [...]