Manage your photos and videos easily! – How to modify your media buckets in RescueTUBE?

Having a lot of photos and videos can be a little bit overwhelming, but with some organization, you’ll be able to find what you're looking for in an instant!   With Doobert’s RescueTube, you can manage your video buckets to organize the tile, bucket type, contents and so much more!  [...]

How to add new video buckets in your RescueTUBE?

Capturing and recording precious moments with your rescued animals is one of the best ways to promote them. That’s why we included RescueTube, a feature that will allow you to capture photos and record videos for memorable events in your organization.   Step 1: Go to your organization dashboard and [...]

Running out of storage space? Upgrade your bucket storage in RescueTUBE!

We get it, saving a lot of photos and videos of our precious animals in our care can be addicting! There will come a time when will have no storage left in your RescueTube storage drive but don't worry! We have a solution for that.   When using Doobert’s Free [...]

4 Ways Capturing Videos of Your Volunteers Can Help Your Organization

In today’s social media-dominated world, whether your goal is to sell, educate, raise awareness, or simply build rapport with your audience, nurturing your online presence is a must. With more and more people switching over to the virtual world every day, the traditional way of garnering attention (television ads, posters, [...]

Top 3 Enrichment Programs to Capture On Video

Enrichment programs are an essential part of animal care. Whether for shelter animals, zoo animals, or animals in sanctuaries, they provide mental and sensory outlets that prevent negative behavior and maintain overall health and well-being. For animals in need of homes, enrichment programs also help improve socialization skills and temperament, [...]