Help your partner organizations in saving more animals | How to Find Animals to Transfer In?

Did you know that with just a few clicks, you can request animals to be transferred from your partner organization into your care? This is helpful especially when your partner organization already has too much on their plate and you want to offer help to save more animals!   How [...]

Get alerts when your partner organizations list items in the Trading Post!

Do you have FOMO or as the kids say nowadays, the Fear Of Missing Out? Do you want to be alerted every time your partner organization lists something they offer in the Trading Post?   With the Item Notification feature, your organization will always be in the loop with what [...]

Sharing is caring with Doobert’s List Items for Others feature

Is your organization lacking basic necessities for your animals in care? Don’t you worry!   In Doobert, your organization can list available items to offer to other organizations in need or request items from other organizations, including pet food, animal accessories, medical supplies, and more!    Here’s how you can [...]

How to Manually Create a Case in Companion Case Management?

When it comes to managing an animal shelter, being organized is the key to success. That’s why we created the Companion Case Management module, your new best buddy when it comes to handling any animal-related situation your organization encounters such as owner surrender requests, loose cat requests, and pet rehoming. [...]

Request help from other organizations by transferring cases in CCM!

Managing too many cases in your animal shelter can lead to inefficiency or worse, burnout. The best way to avoid these is by requesting some help from other organizations so you can help save more animals together!    With that in mind, you can transfer active cases from your organization [...]

How to add new video buckets in your RescueTUBE?

Capturing and recording precious moments with your rescued animals is one of the best ways to promote them. That’s why we included RescueTube, a feature that will allow you to capture photos and record videos for memorable events in your organization.   Step 1: Go to your organization dashboard and [...]

Running out of storage space? Upgrade your bucket storage in RescueTUBE!

We get it, saving a lot of photos and videos of our precious animals in our care can be addicting! There will come a time when will have no storage left in your RescueTube storage drive but don't worry! We have a solution for that.   When using Doobert’s Free [...]

Automate your Organization Management with CCM Workflows!

Communication is key to any successful organization but with endless animal-related concerns and a long queue of unanswered messages. Obvioulsy, it can be challenging to get it all done.    In Doobert, we can help you with this daunting responsibility by automating your case management workload - introducing workflows!   [...]