Understanding The Wonders Behind Horse Rescue │ Return To Horse Medicine

Return to Horse Medicine (R2HM) is a reputable horse rescue organization that works hard to manage and meet the high needs of horses of the equine world. Though, know that their lifework and goal go beyond rescuing horses. As Leah Kyaio, the founder of R2HM said, “We are technically a [...]

Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

Susan Mravca, the founder of BarkerFun, is an entrepreneur with a mission and goal — to give pet owners the option to entertain their pets with premium dog products while giving themselves their much-needed me-time. Through her research, she discovered the wonders of slow-feeding dog treats! Unfortunately, she found out [...]

Instant Access To Licensed Veterinarians With A Click Of A Button │ Hello Ralphie

It is undeniable that one of the worst parts of being a pet owner is facing a medical emergency during the woe hours of the night or morning! Not knowing what is wrong with them or how to help them will make you panic. The fact that the local vet [...]

Sustainable Dog and Cat Treats From Upcycled Ingredients │ Shameless Pets

Have you ever heard of upcycled products? In essence, it’s about preventing food waste by repurposing surplus food into higher quality, sustainable products! Upcycling is gaining popularity and attention nowadays, opening up new ways to venture into innovative approaches to food waste. Shameless Pets is one company that took this [...]

A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

Pet Metrics is a newly-established company founded by Dr. Gary Richter, a talented veterinarian that has been challenging the boundaries of standard veterinary medicine. He is constantly looking for new and innovative methods and ways to help his patients.  Currently, one of his newest projects is Pet Metrics, a small [...]

Learning The Magic Of Pet Photography │ Carol Arscott Photography

Taking a snap of an adorable photo of your beloved pet to post on social media or hiring a professional photographer to take pictures you can hang on your wall are probably the most common uses of pet photography. However, did you know it also has more philanthropic and charitable [...]

Teaching Cats Fun Tricks Using Clicker Training │ Cat School

The words ‘cat training’ and ‘impossible’ have often been used in the same sentence. People would typically reject the idea of training their cats as it seems like an arduous task. However, contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained — much like dogs! It still is undeniable that it [...]

Listen to Inspiring Dog Stories As Told By Pet Owners │ Rescued By A Dog

Are you a self-professed dog parent who loves to listen to podcasts while commuting or relaxing? Laura Thomas’ Rescued by a Dog is a podcast that will certainly pique your interest and tug at your heartstrings. Not only does it feature inspiring dog stories that can bring back the good [...]