The Secret behind Horse Training │The Resnick Method Liberty Horsemanship

Horsemanship is an art that requires practice, commitment, and dedication to achieve perfection. Horse training happens to be one of the processes that fall under it. Many aspiring horse riders or equestrians give up on this stage as they think they fail to discipline or train their horse. While horse [...]

The Life Coach Pet Parents Need │ Katya Lidsky, the Animal That Changed You

Have you ever experienced spending too much money on dog training that seems to be going nowhere? It could be that the training isn't sticking to the dog, or the pet is refusing to be trained. One good reason behind that is a lack of bond between the pet and [...]

Deliver Outdoor Freshness At The Comfort of Your Home │ CritterZone 

Did you know there is a great difference between indoor and outdoor air? Breathe in the air in your living room and give yourself the time to feel and savor it truly. Now, step out and do the same outdoors. Now that you are actively seeking it out, you might [...]

The Fight Against Canine Cancer │ Puppy Up Foundation

Much like humans, companion animals are also at risk of developing various types of canine cancer – including breast cancer and lymphoma.  Hundreds of pet parents across the country have unfortunately experienced losing a beloved companion pet to cancer. One of these people is Luke Robinson, the founder of the [...]

Dive Deep Into Aquatic Veterinary Medicine │ Aquadocs

When people hear the word "veterinary medicine,' most of them tend to assume that it's only about caring for dogs or cats. Sadly, it is easy to forget that domestic pets are not the only animals around. There is more to that word than just caring for companion animals. Like the [...]

Dog Food That Challenges Dog Years │ Happy Howl

Have you heard of dog food that is 100% human-grade? Yes, it exists. A few dog food products in the market are suitable or safe for human consumption. Though, they are heavily outnumbered by feed-grade products.  Human-grade dog food is becoming increasingly popular in the pet industry. It has several [...]