Shelter Pet Photography: Do You Have What It Takes?

A good quality photo can make all the difference in the life of a shelter pet. In fact, it can save a life. But, is having the skill and a high-end camera enough to be a volunteer pet photographer?  Is that all shelters are looking for? Shelters often struggle with [...]

5 Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many shelters have been struggling to continue caring for their animals and keeping their organization operational while also doing their best to keep their staff and volunteers safe. Mandatory quarantine and the need to maintain social distancing also has them working with a very limited [...]

Decluttering? Help Animals While You’re at It!

So, you’re decluttering your home? That’s a perfect opportunity to not only organize and beautify your living space but also help animals! By donating items that you no longer need to your local animal shelter, you’ll be helping them focus their funds on other animal care expenses and improve the [...]

8 Skills to Offer Your Local Animal Shelter

When we think about volunteering for an animal shelter, the first thing that comes into our minds is cleaning kennels, feeding animals, or taking dogs out for walks. And while that’s true, what we can offer as volunteers doesn’t stop there. The truth is, you can volunteer at an animal [...]

5 Reasons Why Volunteering at an Animal Shelter Is Good for the Soul

Are you looking for something productive to do in your spare time? Or perhaps, you simply want to be around animals but can’t commit to adopting or fostering? If so, then volunteering at your local animal shelter is an excellent option! Offering your time to help out at an animal [...]

6 Virtual Volunteer Roles that help your Local Animal Shelter or Rescue to save more animals!

Can't get to your local animal shelter to volunteer?  Here's 6 amazing roles you can do from anywhere to help! We know how it is.  Your schedule is hectic and you cannot always break away to get to your local animal shelter to help.  But your passion keeps you wanting [...]

The Biggest Problem With no kill, And How You Can Fix It

No kill as a philosophy seems to have problems.  But you can be the solution. What does no-kill mean? We’ve talked about the problem with the term no kill before. The term seems to divide even the most passionate animal rescue professionals into two camps; those that agree with the [...]