Fun Ways to Raise Funds: Creative Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters

Let's face it, fundraising for your rescue operations can be a challenging task. But, it doesn't have to be boring! It's time to get creative and raise funds for your animals in care, the fun way!   Here are some creative ideas that will not only raise funds but also [...]

Putting the FUN in Fundraising: A Guide to Throwing a Successful Fundraiser

For any organization, holding a successful fundraiser can be a game-changer because it helps you gather much-needed financial support for your rescue operations.   When organizing a fundraiser for your animal rescue efforts, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you [...]

Animal Lovers to the Rescue: The Role of Volunteers in Disaster Relief

Natural disasters and other emergencies can put immense stress on animal shelters and organizations. The sudden influx of animals in need of care, combined with limited resources and manpower, can quickly become overwhelming.  In these situations, volunteers can play a crucial role in providing much-needed support and assistance.   Increased [...]

Disaster-Proofing Your Pet: A Guide to Keeping Your Animal Companions Safe

Disasters can be unpredictable and devastating, and they can affect not only humans but also their beloved pets. From hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires, it's crucial to have a plan in place to keep your pets safe during such a crisis.   Here are some tips on how to keep your [...]

The Struggles of Promoting Animal Shelter Programs

Animal shelters around the globe have a long list of challenges that makes their quest and journey of uniting abandoned animals with good families much more difficult. Aside from public ignorance, lack of centralized funding, and overpopulation, animal shelters face one more major problem – good marketing and promotional strategies [...]

4 Simple Ways to Become an Animal Rescue Volunteer |

By Richard Rowlands, pet and veterinary writer at Becoming an animal rescue volunteer is a great way to help out your community and make a difference in the lives of animals. There are plenty of ways to volunteer your time and skills to help animals in need, and lots [...]

A Sweet Surprise is Coming Your Way From!

Caring for pets is one of the most fulfilling (yet daunting) responsibilities. It’s similar to taking care of small kids — but with more fur, more mess, barks, and purrs. For pet parents, having them means companionship, unconditional love, emotional support, and security.   If you are a pet parent [...]