Fostering A Shelter Cat: Expectations VS. Reality

Have you been holding off on fostering a shelter a cat because you're unsure of what to expect? Or maybe you've heard a lot of negative opinions from those around you? Feeling skeptical about trying something new is completely natural and it's actually a good thing that you're not jumping [...]

Am I Ready to Be a Foster Parent?  7 Signs that Say You Are

Being a foster parent is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you help an otherwise unadoptable animal break out of their shell and transform into a wonderful family companion, but you also open up a space at the shelter for another animal to be saved. However, it’s important to remember that [...]

4 animal volunteer jobs you can do from home

Save animals from your living room.  Yes we're serious! We know how it is. It’s hard to find time to get to your local animal shelter to volunteer. Our lives and schedules are so busy that we just can’t seem to carve out time to help save animals. Well we’re [...]

5 animal-related volunteer activities with kids that will enrich their lives

Volunteering with kids and animals.  What could be more fun? If you have kids and like to be a part of your community you're probably looking for ways to give back and promote charitable giving.  What can be more fun than engaging kids, helping animals and making a difference all [...]

6 Ways to Help Animals Through Volunteering

  Volunteering your free time to animal shelters and rescues is still one of the best ways to help animals in need, and there are many ways you can help. For those who want to help animals through volunteering but don't know where or how to start, here are six [...]

How to maintain your passion about fostering through the first few weeks

How you can stay excited about fostering an animal even when times are tough. Acting as a foster home for an animal is right up there with the best charitable acts that you can do as a human being.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that animals in [...]