Changing How Animal Nutrition Is Emphasized In The Industry | The Pet Food Consumer Rights Council

Although the organization is still in its earliest stages, the Pet Food Consumer Rights Council already aims to make changes in the animal nutrition industry.   Daniel Sschulof, founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods and the PCRC, stated that, "In the world of companion animal nutrition, the sources of funding are fewer.  [...]

Tably from An App that Uses AI for Feline Pain Assessment

A nagging problem for you as a pet owner is taking care of your ill cat. But cats are not like dogs; feline pain assessment is much more subtle. Veterinarians treat cats like small dogs and often miss what’s going on.  Artificial innovation is bringing innovation in pet care. With [...]

Homes For Healthy Dogs And Collaborative Horsemanship | Living Free

Animals deserve a second chance, whether finding their forever home or spending the rest of their days running in the field. That's one of Living Free's organization's missions. This animal sanctuary provides homes for healthy dogs and cats whose times are up at public shelters. They specifically rescue animals from various pounds [...]

Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech

OraStripdx is a simple yet innovative diagnostic strip that can detect periodontal disease even before it shows any visible or notable signs. A test like no other — this diagnostic test certainly sets the standard for veterinary dental care! Proven, effective, and successful: it will make you wonder how this [...]

Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

What do you recall doing at the age of 10? Probably playing around the house and block with your friends. Not Jasmine Thomas-Gainey, though. At that young age, she was already coming up with a business proposal and mixing up recipes and formulas for dog treats! Four years into her [...]

Helping The Street Cat Initiative: Launching Better and Improved TNR Programs │ Neighborhood Cats

Neighborhood Cats is a non-profit organization that started more than two decades ago. They pushed through and promoted the TNR cat initiative and program. According to Bryan Kortis, the National Program’s Director of Neighborhood Cats, they are involved in trapping cats, offering spaying/neutering, teaching workshops, and launching new and improved [...]

Helping Humans Build A Better Relationship With Animals │ The Human-Animal Connection

Have you ever entered a shelter and noticed a dog cowering at the back of their kennel, attempting to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible? Shyness, fear, and trauma are reasons they do that. Learning how to deepen your relationship with animals is definitely the best way to go about [...]

Offering Specialized Veterinary Care For Pets Everywhere │ Stratocyte

Primary care veterinarians are known as the jack of all trades of the veterinary world. They are talented experts that can perform the traditional model of veterinary care. From preventative to wellness care, they can do those and more! Though the case, there are several specialized veterinary care that these [...]