September 2015 - Catahoulas NE rescue 09-04-15, 8.26.28 AMHappy September!  This month we feature another great organization, Catahoula Rescue of New England, as our Doobert September 2015 Organization of the month.  Shannon Nachajko, the Director of the Rescue, shares the story of how they formed their organization, and how an inspirational dog from the Hurricane Katrina disaster inspired them to do more.  She talks about the story of Bandit, and the people that came together to save this very special dog and get him to his forever home.  You can learn about the advice that Shannon gives to new rescuers and you can donate to assist their cause by going to their webpage,  Can you help them achieve their goals by supporting them through a small donation?

Be sure to watch for the new video each week and share with your friends and family so that they can learn more about this wonderful organization that we are proud to support.  Thank you Shannon and team for what you are doing for the animals.

 YouTube Video #1 – Introduction to Catahoula Rescue New England

YouTube Video #2 – Why do you rescue?

YouTube Video #3 – Advice for those new to rescue

YouTube Video #4 – The story of Bandit