Affordable, Healthy Dog Food Options Customized and Delivered for Your Pooch | Breck & Bailey

Breck & Bailey Customizes and Delivers Healthy Dog Food to your doorstep

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 69 - Breck & Bailey

Affordable, Healthy Dog Food Options Customized and Delivered for Your Pooch | Breck & Bailey

If you’re looking for healthy and fresh dog food options that are personalized for your pooch and delivered to your door, Breck & Bailey may have what you need.

A startup with headquarters in Denver, Breck & Bailey is a company that produces fresh dog food and dog products. It leads the pack in launching an innovative and socially responsible business model that aims to help as many canines as possible live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

As per Nick Coy, who serves as the CEO and founder of Breck & Bailey,

“We’re very focused right now on just making sure that quality is there for every single dog that we serve. And I’m hoping that we can really get this going and show people that dogs are family, and we should feed them like family and treat them like family.”

Breck & Bailey personalized dog meal options

Jumping in With Breck & Bailey

During the podcast, Nick shared that the organization’s story started when one of their dogs started exhibiting severe health symptoms.

“After that, we really started looking into how nutrition could positively affect his life and give him more years. And next thing I knew, I was doing a ton of research, talking to a bunch of specialists and consultants… I started gathering ideas and doing a ton of research. And a few years later, we jumped full in.”

Breck & Bailey website homepage

To bring Breck & Bailey to life, however, Nick and his colleagues had to hire dog lovers who are also great chefs with their own restaurants and human food businesses.

“They put a lot of passion to food. And then there’s the nutrition side…so we hired a team of nutritionists to help us formulate the correct way to do all of this. And I’m very confident that we have a very superior dog food…since we’ve put the time, research, and love into it that we have,”

Nick stated.

A Unique Vision With Breck & Bailey

Breck & Bailey also takes pride in continuing to do product research to try and figure out how to make the best possible innovation for all of our furry friends.

Breck & Bailey healthy dog food options

Nick shared,

“We’re not just putting ingredients together. This is something different. It’s nutritionally balanced. It meets all the needs. It tastes good, it’s fresh, it’s healthy.”

In fact, some of their products’ ingredients include real chicken spinach, quinoa, and millet. According to Nick, they don’t use the standard components since they don’t want to cut corners when it comes to canine health.

In addition to that, another thing that makes Breck & Bailey unique is that they also have a variety of ways to give back to their shelter and nonprofit partners.

“We’re partnering with shelters and rescues all over the country and then just a lot of other people that do other things for dogs, like transport…any way that we can find a way to partner with them,”

Nick added.

Breck & Bailey helping rescue and nonprofit partners

For instance, if somebody adopts a dog out from a shelter or rescue, and they end up buying the dog food products from Breck & Bailey, the company gives the shelter up to 3% of those sales.

Nick also uses his background in sales and marketing to help shelters co-create content. Apart from that, they also have a “Shelter Shop”, where Breck & Bailey sells things like little hats and dog treats from other companies and dog toys and dog bowls.

Breck & Bailey shelter shop

The idea behind the Shelter Shop is not to turn it into a profit center but to have another way to give back to their shelter partners. After all, for Nick and Breck & Bailey, building that relationship and working with them is what helps dogs at the end of the day.

“And that’s what’s important… As long as my family is getting by, and we’re surviving…the goal of this company is really to get back to the dogs that have done so much for us. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it wasn’t for my dogs. And I know a lot of people out there feel the exact same way. So, this is just a way for us to kind of continue doing that and build a business that we love.”



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Nick: I’m Nick Coy from Breck & Bailey and welcome to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Nick: Yes. So, we are a fresh dog food company, also a dog products company—

I’ll explain a little bit about how that works as we go along. But long story short, one of our dogs started having—some severe health issues, and we really started looking into: How nutrition could positively affect his life and give him more years.

And next thing I knew, I was doing a ton of research, talking to a bunch of specialists and consultants.

Ended up working for another dog food company as a consultant, and didn’t love everything that they were doing—and thought we could do it better. 

So, I started gathering ideas and doing a ton of research. And a few years later, we jumped full in—and now we’re making our own dog food.

And every day we’re still doing that research, trying to figure out how to make the best possible product for all of our furry friends and their furry friends, friends.

And that’s kind of where we’re at.

Chris: You make it sounds so easy.

Just a couple of years in, right— now, we’re producing our own dog food. You guys are really different, though.

If people go to your website and check this out, I mean, that doesn’t look like dog food. I would eat that stuff.

Nick: I’m no expert when it comes to cooking—and I learned that through cooking dog food for my own dogs for years.

And so we hired some really great chefs who opened up restaurants, from Honolulu to New York. And they have their own human food business. And they’re both dog lovers, and they manage the recipe creation.

And they even do a lot of taste testing to make sure their dogs love it. And their friends, dogs love it. They put a lot of passions to food.

And then there’s the nutrition side and also not an expert in that, just have done my Googling and talking to people, and I’ve got my opinions and all that.

So, we hired a team of nutritionists to help us formulate—the correct way to do all of this.

And I’m very confident that we have a very superior dog food, many of those that are out on the market. So, I’m very excited to start sharing this with the world.

Chris: Yeah.

Now, I think what’s really cool about you guys, I mean, you have chefs, right? You have human chefs, right?

To your point. They’re not just putting ingredients together. This is something different. It’s nutritionally balanced. It meets all the needs. It tastes good, it’s fresh, it’s healthy.

It’s not that dry kibble that you’re picking up at the local Walmart.

Nick: We can do better. We can make small batch. We can really focus on the quality. And we’ve kind of following that model of the craft side of things.

Some day we would hope to grow huge, and have millions of customers and what not. But we’re still very focused right now on, just making sure that quality is there for every single dog that we serve.

And the enjoyment you get, out of feeding your dog premium food—It’s amazing to know that you’re doing something—that is great for the health of— of your dog, and also just makes them happy, too.

Our dog loves feeding time. It’s not just some: Oh, yeah, we’re hungry, we got to eat.

Our ingredients are things like real chicken, spinach, quinoa, millet. We use all the— we don’t use the standard—

A lot of fresh food companies settle for things like, white rice as they’re filler. We just don’t do that. We’re like we’re going to use the best grains that we can possibly find.

Chris: And so right now, is it frozen? I mean, it’s fresh. It’s fresh frozen.

Help me understand how that works. How do you get the product from your kitchen to mine?

Nick: Next week we’re shipping out a bunch of food to our early customers. And on Sunday, our cooks are cooking Sunday through Monday, and then they’re going to freeze it on Tuesday. It will be at our warehouse by Wednesday, and by Thursday it will be shipping out to people next day air. Probably arriving Friday or Saturday for the most people.

So, it’s very small batch, quick cooked, right from our chefs to your door.

Chris: I mean, you got a refrigerator, right? But you’re feeding it to the dog. I mean, you’re sending them what a week’s worth at a time?

Nick: One thing that we’re very aware of and being somebody who’s—I’ve tested almost all of our competitors and seeing what’s good, what’s bad.

One of the issues is definitely freezer space, especially if you have a big family or whatnot. So, we have a process of how we seal our food, to where it can stay good up to—we tell people eight days in the fridge.

But truthfully, we extract all of the oxygen out of that packaging, in 14 to 21 days is how long it could last in the fridge, as long as it’s not exposed to air.

And then in the freezer, it’s good for up to about six months. Of course, it’s to have a profitable business. But at the end of the day, it’s to help as many dogs be healthy as possible.

So, we’ll work with anybody. And if their dogs are getting 10% portions or whatever, we’ll make it work so people can have some fresh food in their dog’s life.

Chris: And I love that because you got to feed the dog 100% this. Like you said, you’ve got different things. So, a 50% and 25%, it can also be a supplement, where the dog is getting those fresh ingredients—good taste.

But you’re balancing it out like you said, because it is expensive, from a cost perspective.

Nick: So, our perspective is: Do what you can if you can feed some fresh, and help your dog in that way, let’s find a way to do it.

Chris: And one of the things I want to make sure to point out, too. I mean, you guys are really unique. You really want to give back to rescue and shelters and help.

And that’s something you know that I’m very passionate about. So, why don’t you tell people about how that works?

Nick: We have a variety of ways that we get back. So, the first way that we get back is— we’re partnering with shelters and rescues all over the country.

And then just a lot of other people that do other things for dogs, like transport or whatnot any way that we can find— a way to partner with them that is good for everybody. We’re going to do it.

So, the first way that we do is when somebody adopts a dog, out from a shelter or rescue and they end up buying our food, we give the shelter anywhere from, like, $15 to $30 one-time, which is very common in our industry for pet food companies, to say, “Hey, here’s your finders fee, essentially.”

But what we do on top of that is we give— a percentage of those sales up to 3% every single shipment. So, if fido is getting a shipment every 3 and a half weeks, every time that that subscription renews, we’re dropping 3% back into the account for those shelters.

Reciprocal for everybody involved. We’re all getting the benefit. And we’re all helping dogs at the end of the day. And that’s what’s important.

Chris: And I love that. I think that’s really clever. And like you said, you’re really just trying to help them. Of course, you got to have a company that makes money, in order to stay in business, pay your employees and keep producing food.

But you recognize the bond that people have with their animals, and you’re trying to help the shelters and rescues, that are working hard to save these animals.

Thank you for doing that. I think that’s amazing.

Nick: What I’m trying to tell all of our employees, investors, or rescues: “Everyone we talk to is, we can’t give unless we receive.”

So, we have to become comfortable with making money. A lot of people look at it as— you’re selfish because you want to make a profit in these things, and you should just do everything to give back.

Our way of looking at it is: The more money that I make, the more good that I can do.

So, the goal of this company is really to— get back to the dogs that have done so much for us. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it wasn’t for my dogs.

Chris: You know what, I think that’s really cool and I’m excited to see where this is gonna go.


But I’m curious—take us back to the point— I mean, you said, you were working for a pet food company before—you know, you must have an idea one day, and you just said: I can do this better, I can make a company and a food that’s gonna make my dogs healthier.

Take us back to the point where you had the idea to do this.

Nick: For years—I was—I’ve been with startups before, I was a marketing director for a tech company. So, I was always been looking for that passion project where I can just put everything into it. And when our dog—got sick, it just kinda all came together.

So, I started to look into all the different dog foods, and everything that look good. And I found that—through that process, I wanted to start my own dog food company. That was gonna make the best possible dog food out there.

And— when I realized how hard that was, so I tried to— partner and work with another dog food company to launch here in the Denver area. They’re funding kinda fell apart and that sort of crushed— sort of broke my heart for a litte bit. And some other employees that were there—we’re just kinda—we’re like shock, without them we’re really gonna get out there and get some fresh food out.

So, over the next 2 years, I probably spent 20% of my time just doing research and putting everything together. And then once we get the investors in place—we just went for it, and they were just seeing the positive chain in this—kinda what rolled into the creation of this company.

And what’s really cool is, I get to meet people like you, and our investors, everybody that we’re working with has the same passion as like we do. So, that’s kinda we’re were going.

Chris: Yeah, I love that. I love the fact that you’ve got a vision for where this is going and you know—you got a way that you want to run your company. So, it’s not a profit first, no this is a kind of company we want, this is the impact that we want to have in the world. And yeah, we’ll hopefully make money at the same time.

Very cool. Now of course, I know it’s for dogs. But I gotta ask for all those cat lovers out there, is that somewhere in the future as well, is there going to be a cat version of this?

Nick: I would say, it will come for sure. What I need is, I need somebody that has my passion for dogs. I need a— I need another co-founder that can come in that has that passion for cats. And I want to do it the right way, so I think at some point we will expand into that. But for now, it’s just gonna be dogs probably for the 1st year or two.


If we’re gonna do the cat portion, we’re gonna do it the right and we’re gonna take our time with it.

Chris: It’s been a journey so far and you’ve got a long way to go. I’m curious, what have you learned about yourself in this process so far?

Nick: Not to give up. I mean, you know there’s so many days as a start of an entrepreneur that—you have to do things that you don’t know how to do all the time.

Yeah, that’s been something that’s been tough. Like, nothing great is easy. If you want to accomplish something, you gotta put your head down and just do it. Work super hard, when we are not getting paid—like I’m probably not gonna collect a paycheck for 3 years. And that’s hard for me, hard for my wife, it’s a—you know, but knowing that the big picture is something that’s bigger than just us—yeah, that’s a cool thing.

Chris: Exactly, exactly.

So, Nick, if people are interested, where can they go? How can we find out? How do they learn more?

Nick: You can contact us anytime at [email protected] If you need customizations— one thing that we’re doing that’s a little bit different on that front is, we’re a— we have a puppy— a fresh puppy recipe.

Chris: Nick, this is really cool. I’m excited for you guys to launch and just really get going on the journey.

Nick: And, hey, I look forward to what we’re going to do together. 

Chris: And I definitely appreciate the way that you’re approaching this and wanting to pay it forward and get back and help.

So, thank you for doing that. And as we wrap things up, we’ll remind our viewers and listeners that if you’ve got an inspirational idea and a mission for your company, like Nick does, and you want to talk about a product or service, or even just an idea that you’ve got for how it’s going to help people, and help animals, we want to know about it, get them on the show.

So, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and fill it out the form, and we’ll get you on and talk about it.

So, thank you again, Nick. Look forward to seeing where you’re going, and really appreciate you coming on the show.

Nick: Thanks, Chris.

Thanks for what you do.

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