January 24th Is Change A Pet’s Life Day!

January 24th , Change A Pet’s Life Day, is an …

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Diamond & Remington

This week’s featured transport is about Diamond and Remington.  What …

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Transport of the week – Lucy

Thank you to [email protected] for helping to save Lucy! Mission …

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Pit Bulls – More Than Their Stereotypes

Pit Bulls- So Much More Than Their Stereotypes By: Kelly …

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Animal Rescue Myth vs Fact – Myth: Pet Store Animals Come From Animal Rescue Groups

This one is clearly a myth right?  I mean nothing …

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Animal Rescue Myth - Rescue Animals are Free

Animal Rescue Myth vs. Fact: Myth – Rescue animals are free

From time to time we are going to feature a …

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Why Do You Rescue Animals?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Animal …

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Be a rescuer; save a life.

Be a rescuer; Save a life You can be a …

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Every dog should be a rescue dog. Please don’t shop, adopt!

Every dog should be a rescue dog. At Doobert.com we …

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