Become an expert on fostering by watching these 4 videos

Fostering saves lives

fostering saves lives

Fostering a dog seems to be something that we all take for granted.  After all, how hard can it be right?  Well if you’ve never had a dog before then you may not know where to start.  So we picked out four videos from YouTube to help you out.  All you need is a screen and 15 minutes of your time and soon you’ll be an expert.  Once you’re done be sure to fill out your Doobert foster volunteer profile and reach out to your local animal shelter and local animal rescues near you to let them know you’re ready and willing to help!

Why foster a dog – Our first video pick is all about why you should foster a dog.  (you mean you need a reason?) But hey you might be on the fence and not sure if fostering a dog is for you so should spend the 2 minutes and 45 seconds to push you over the edge and get involved.  It’s from eHowPets and you’ll get to meet some great people sharing their perspective on fostering dogs!

Foster dog 101 – In this video by Rachel Fusaro she speaks plainly and candidly about becoming a foster parent for a dog.  She explains what to expect, and even dispels some of the myths people have about fostering a dog from their local animal shelter.

The Journey Of How Foster Dogs Gets Adopted – Ever wondered how the foster dog gets from being a foster to being a forever home?  So did this videographer and she goes on a journey to see what animal rescue is all about.  It’s a 3-part series but helpful to understand the basics of animal rescue and welfare.

Dog And Cat Help Raise Foster Kittens Together – Ok we had to end on a fun note and what could be more fun than a dog and a cat playing foster parents to a bunch of kittens right?  Enjoy!


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