Avoid Aggressive Dog Attacks with DogFender

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender


Avoid Aggressive Dog Attacks with DogFender

Nothing is more painful than going out for a routine morning walk with your precious pet only to be attacked by an aggressive stray dog! Most times, these sudden and unprovoked attacks can lead to mild to severe injury ─ even can lead to death! 

Peter Antonio knew how terrifying and traumatic it is to see your dog be mauled by another dog and not be able to do much. 


Dog Fender: The Story

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender

DogFender was given to me accidentally.

Peter, the creator of DogFender, is a proud owner of three dogs. Like most pet parents, he has one constant fear ─ aggressive animals preying on his precious dogs. 

That fear came to life when his dog, Murphy, became a victim of an unprovoked attack by a larger stray. Peter did his best to free his dog from the aggressor’s clutches, all the while his heart was breaking from his dog’s cries and screams. Once Murphy escaped from the attacker, Peter rushed him to the vet.

“I said to Murphy, you know, ‘if you survive, Murphy, I’ll probably make something so no other dog can touch you ever again.”

Murphy suffered from severe injuries in the head and throat, but most importantly, he survived. He had a lengthy recovery period. It took him six months to regain the courage to walk back out of the house. 

By then, Peter already had something in the works; he had created a basic prototype of the DogFender. The prototype was tested when a large dog set its sight on Murphy again. It tried to bite his neck. 

Something happened. The dog suddenly ran off. Peter knew that his creation worked.


The Unrivalled Collar for Dog Attacks

Three and a half years later, the DogFender Collar was created and released to the public. Peter introduced the first practical dog defense collar with ground-breaking advances that can help defend your dog from aggressive attacks. All this without the pet owner’s need to intervene physically – basically ensuring the safety of both the pet and the owner!

A team of experts meticulously tested the DogFender collar. It was tested for its practicality, durability, water-proof feature, convenience, long battery life, and more!

This collar has three buttons for its main features; Nightlight, deactivation, and defense levels. It covers a radius of 50 meters and contains three defense levels (defense level 1 for small dogs, defense level 2 for medium dogs, and defense level 3 for large and extra large dogs).

This collar offers absolute defense with no safety risk; for your dog and the aggressor! Once put on defense mode, the collar releases static power.

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender

Only the aggressor receives the stimulant. Only the aggressor. And only if the attacking dog actually physically touches the collar, any part of the collar, with its mouth.

It’s generating a static barrier around your dog’s throat, which is the most vulnerable area. If the aggressor touches any part of the collar, they will receive a stimulant. While it only delivers low stimulant levels, it hits the mouth, which has more senses than any other body part. 

Being the first of this kind of pet product, it had a strong need and demand. Currently, DogFender only has a basic version out on the market. Though, they are working on more accessories and versions. One of the projects they are focusing on is applying it to harnesses.


If you’re interested in the product, you can go to https://dogfender.co.uk/. The website provides more information about the collar, including where to purchase them.

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Peter: I’m Peter Antonio and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: So, tell us Peter, who are you and how are you innovating and helping animals?

Peter: There’s some really exciting talk about this product in the pet industry.

It’s called DogFender, and it’s generating so much excitement. DogFender is the world’s first essential defense collar that keeps your pets and owners safe.

It has three defense levels for small, medium, and large dog aggression. And it’s very easy and practical to use. You use it as an everyday collar.

It’s waterproof, and IP68 tested. And that’s a bit strange because there are loads of electronics in here.

But yes, we went the whole hog, and we wanted it to be totally waterproof. The remote control—you need the remote control to actually turn the dock and the collar on.

So, using the remote control as a safety device, family-friendly as well, and child tamper proof, so you’ll need the remote control.

So, swiping across the DogFender collar will indicate battery consumption and go into standby mode.

And that’s indicated by amber LEDs.

Now, what the DogFender collar is doing now is actually just waiting for a command. I’ll just go through some of the functions that it has.

First of all, great function— night lights operated by the remote control. If your dog is out in dark woods, believe me, it light up the woods. 

So, let’s just assume that the DogFender collar is on your dog and a dog is approaching my dog, and I don’t know who this dog is, I’m a little bit scared about what might go on.

So, why take a chance?

On the remote control, you  have three buttons,  night light, as you see on and off. And you have the deactivate button, and you have the defense button, the button that will probably always have our finger on.

So, what is the DogFender collar doing?

It’s actually generating a static barrier around your dog’s throat. And that’s the most vulnerable area. That’s where dogs attack. That’s the kill zone.

And if anything—if the dog touches the collar, any part of the collar, you see all of these studs? These studs are the part that actually gives the stimulant directly into the aggressor’s mouth. So, only the aggressor receives a stimulant. Only the aggressor.

And it’s only if the attacking dog actually physically touches the collar, any part of the collar with its mouth.

It doesn’t matter if I touch it with my shirt on, This shirt is my fur, the dog’s fur, it doesn’t matter. No stimulant is given.

But if I was to touch it with a bare hand or my mouth, that would give me the stimulant. Actually, now you can see it’s actually the timer, the onboard timer, the 60-second timer is taking it back to standby mode. So, basically, that’s the defense side of it.

Chris: So, Peter, we talked about your background in the intro. Are you an inventor? Are you a technological guy? How did you come up with this?

Peter: I’m a builder. I’m a carpenter. I’ve been a carpenter for most of my life. The DogFender was given to me accidentally. 

My dog, Murphy— bless him, was constantly being attacked. I did all I could to get the dog off. I literally stuck my hand in his mouth and did what I had to do to get the dog off of my dog. I did get the dog off my dog, I was very lucky. But Murphy was lifeless.

I said to Murphy, you know,”If you survive Murphy, I promise I’ll make something so, no other dog can touch you ever again.”

Six months later, I’m walking Murphy, And Murphy just gained his courage to go back out and walk.

And this dog came from nowhere—

—came from nowhere The dog attempted to bite Murphy on the back of the neck, and he ran off.

So, I walked up to Murphy, and he’s got loads of saliva on his back.

So, I knew then, Chris, that I had something that was more than just an idea. Three and a half years later—

Chris: Now you got a product and a company. So, now I’m sure people are wondering, what harm is it doing to the attacking dog?

Is it a stimulation shock? Is it strong enough to get their attention? How does it work?

Peter: So, once it’s in that defense mode, as I said, it generates a static barrier. If the dog, approaching dog touches any part of the collar, it will receive a stimulant.

It may not be a very strong stimulant, but because it’s delivered in the mouth, I found out that the mouth has more sensors than any other part of the body.

And that’s basically the principle of DogFender. It’s low amp pitch, but because it’s delivered directly at source, at the mouth, it’s really potent.

Chris: How is this being received on the market? Do you see that there’s a strong need for this?

Peter: Absolutely.

And because DogFender is the world’s first, I mean—of course, I’m turning heads.

Chris: So, where do you take this? Are there more accessories, more features, new add-ons, and new products? Where do you take DogFender?

Peter: I mean, this is the basic version. It’s a collar, but it’s the most practical.

DogFender will be introduced into harnesses and also when making— whereas on the back of the DogFender, you can see some screws, if you undo those screws, the plate comes off and you can change the color for different funky colors, different sizes.

There’s loads of accessories that are going to be coming out and loads of different versions as well.

Chris: Yeah, and it’s interesting to see where you’re going to take this. Is there anything else, Peter, you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Peter: Yeah, although DogFender is designed to protect the dog, that’s wearing the DogFender collar, but it also does help the attacking dog from being euthanized.

Chris, I mean, that’s a big, massive problem now in the UK, and probably, I don’t know, you might have it in America.

In the UK now, actually, we have dog courts.

Chris: So, Peter, if people are convinced, where do they get one,  where do they buy the DogFender? 

Peter: And our website is not live yet, it will be live probably in the next two or three weeks and people will be able to buy the DogFender collar from our website.

We’re still in testing and we’ve got some units coming over end of July and they’ll look something like that.

It’s a sneak preview. I’m not supposed to see that yet.

Chris: This will be great, so, I mean, I’m super excited for this to launch and we’ll obviously promote it and make sure we share, right, where people can pick one of these up and protect their dogs and themselves.

And as I wrap up our show and kind of end things here, I love Peter stories as an example, it just started with an idea, right?

He had this challenge and he made a deal with his dog, right, that he was going to invent something and he did.

So, maybe you’re sitting here thinking, I’ve had this idea, it’s been floating around in my mind for a while. Or you’ve seen a product that might be innovative, we’d love to know about it and have them on the show.

Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and love to have you on and don’t forget to sign up at DOOBERT.COM where you can be a foster or transporter.

There are so many different ways you can help or rescue animals. DOOBERT.COM is absolutely free and you can get involved and help more animals.

So, Peter, thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation. Really excited to see this launch and really make a difference and save dogs.

Peter: Thank you.

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