Feline Foamy Virus: What Is It and Why Does It Cause Arthritis in FIV Cats?

What Is Feline Foamy Virus (FeFV)?   Feline foamy virus (FeFV) is a retrovirus, just like FIV, that infects cats; oftentimes, without causing any signs of illness. However, some strains of the virus are known to cause lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that defend the body from harmful foreign [...]

Vet-Approved Pet Tests from Home | MySimplePetLab

If you’ve been looking to improve your pets’ access to professional veterinary tests but don’t have the time for it, why not try MySimplePetLab? Co-founded by Dr. Dennis Chmiel, MySimplePetLab makes it easier for you to keep your animals healthy. According to Dr. Dennis, “We co-founded MySimplePetLab to improve access [...]