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  • Luna AKA AmyAmerican Staffordshire Terrier

    Luna AKA Amy - American Staffordshire Terrier

    Amy was adopted in Northern California, renamed Luna, and the people that adopted her moved to Tx., and then dumped Amy in a shelter in Ft. Worth Tx. She was assessed by the shelter and they say she is still the same sweet girl we adopted out a year ago. We want her back here with us and safe.

    Dog|Female|2 years|50 lbs
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  • GusAmerican Staffordshire Terrier

    Gus - American Staffordshire Terrier

    Dog|Male|2 years|0.00 lbs
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  • SamShepherd

    Sam - Shepherd

    Dog|Male|1 years|14 lbs
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  • GlenWeimaraner

    Glen - Weimaraner

    Glen came to us in August just after Glen Campbell died. We named him in honor of the Rhinestone Cowboy. His good looks and friendliness a reminiscent of his namesake, though we can't vouch for his voice. He is about nine years old and was a stray at a TX shelter. Glen has been neutered and had some hanging tumors removed. He is about to be treated for heart worms and needs a quiet home to recover. He is currently boarded at a wonderful place near Dallas, TX, but it is not the ideal situation for the serenity he will need. He is getting along just great with other dogs and people. We don't know about cats. SMW will pay for his heart worm treatments and will move him within a two-day drive of Dallas.

    Dog|Male|4 years|U lbs
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  • HeidiEnglish Setter

    Heidi - English Setter

    Dog|Female|4 years|0.00 lbs
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  • DavinciEnglish Setter

    Davinci - English Setter

    Dog|Male|4 years|38 lbs
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  • Bella RoseEnglish Setter

    Bella Rose - English Setter

    Dog|Female|4 years|28 lbs
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  • Bella IIEnglish Setter

    Bella II - English Setter

    Dog|Female|4 years|35 lbs
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  • LeiaAustralian Shepherd

    Leia - Australian Shepherd

    Dog|Female|3 years|43 lbs lbs
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  • LeiaAustralian Shepherd

    Leia - Australian Shepherd

    Dog|Male|3 years|0.00 lbs
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  • RudyPit Bull Terrier

    Rudy - Pit Bull Terrier

    Rudy was surrendered for not getting along with the other animals in the home (specifically a dog, cat and a hamster) and the chickens outside. He was GREAT with the kids though. He is just a big goof. You can't help but laugh to watch him play.

    Dog|Male|2 years|U lbs
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  • CharlotAAA - Mixed Breed - AAA

    Charlot - AAA - Mixed Breed - AAA

    Charlot was picked up as a 12 week old stray. He has always been confident around humans and other dogs since he arrived at the shelter, immediately settled in as part of the gang. Well socialised and happy to run fast Charlot is an avid hunter of lizards. He very friendly dog who loves to be with people and other dogs equally. Never seen any signs of aggression, would be a good dog with kids and active people. Charlot has a thin coat and his skin is very sensitive to the Caribbean sun so he may need sunscreen.

    Dog|Male|2 years|40 lbs
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