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About Boxer Lovers Rescue

Boxer Lovers Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, registered in Idaho and Utah.

With a network of volunteers, transporters, supporters, and fosters, Boxer Lovers helps hundreds of boxers each year throughout the Northwest. Providing shelters with an outlet for the boxers coming into their care and in turn opens much need space for other animals coming in; and giving owners no longer able to care for their boxer peace of mind, knowing the boxer will always be cared for.

Boxer Lovers is dedicated to helping boxers in need. With that, we take our responsibility not only to the boxers, but also to the community very seriously. We will never take in a boxer without having the needed resources available to meet the boxers needs. Boxer Lovers takes every precaution to not take in boxers with severe human and/or animal aggression. Our fosters and adopters are the backbone to the rescue and their safety is high importance.

With foster homes across Idaho, Washington, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada, boxers can quickly be placed with an approved foster family, where they will be loved and treated as part of the family. Placing the boxer with a foster family allows us to learn more about the boxer that would not be possible in a facility. Our foster families will begin working with the boxer, teaching basic commands and good house manners. While a forever home is being found, the boxer will also have their medical needs met. All boxers are all spayed or neutered, brought current on vaccinations, dewormed, and microchipped. Boxers brought in from other states are also heartworm tested.

Boxer Lovers will not adopt on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each adopter will have completed an adoption application, had a phone interview and home visit. Our adoption team strives to place every boxer in the home best able to provide for that boxers needs. Our commitment does not end after adoption – we make a lifetime commitment to each of our boxers, requiring the boxer to be returned to us in the event an adopter cannot care for the boxer.

Boxer Lovers Rescue depends on the generosity of other boxer lovers, whether it be financially or serving on one our volunteer teams. Together, we can make a difference!! Ask how you can help today.. 

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