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#PSZR10661 : Sun, Jun 05 - Sun, Jun 05 – From New York, NY to Matawan, NJ

Coordinator: Kristina Madaia  |  call   | mail [email protected]

Sweet, small Rhonda's foster just got urgent news and needs to leave the country tomorrow! Unfortunately, no one in Manhattan has been able to take her in :( We're hoping to find her transport to the rescues main temp foster TODAY. Please email if you can help in anyway. Thank you so much for considering!

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Legs Pickup Date/Time Pick up / Drop OFF
directions_car Leg 1 Earliest: Sun, Jun 05
01:10 PM - EST
Latest: Sun, Jun 05
10:00 PM - EST

2 Cooper Sq Manhattan, New York, NY, 10003 keyboard_backspace 16 Lakeside Dr, Matawan, NJ, 07747

(Distance – 37 miles)