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Welcome to the Animal Rescue Flights volunteers and the organizations they serve. I am the owner, creator of and am very excited to be able to support and simplify your efforts to save animals. I’ve created a short welcome video to explain how the major features of work and there are other videos below and on our videos page ( that walk you through even more of the Doobert features. If you have any questions, problems or would like a personal demo of how Doobert works please do not hesitate to reach out. Simply click the Contact Us icon or send me an e-mail to [email protected] and we would be glad to help you. Thank you for what you do for the animals and welcome to Doobert! – Sincerely, Chris Roy

ARF Welcome Video

Please watch below video to understand a role of a Doobert Driver, Pilot & Volunteers.

If you are a volunteer driver, pilot or foster home, this is the place to start. In the above video you can see how Doobert works. You setup your profile indicating how you want to participate and the system does the rest. If you’re a transport volunteer (driver, pilot, flight crew) you will automatically be notified if the transport matches your profile for distance and day(s) available.   The system searches along the route using Google Maps, and we only notify you if the transport is relevant to you.  So no more getting transport requests for California when you live in New York.  AND you can indicate your willingness to be a Foster Home Volunteer or even a Photographer.  So sign-up today and spread the word.  The more volunteers the better off for the animals.

Please watch below video to understand a role of a Doobert Shelter & Rescue Organizations.

If you work for or represent an animal rescue, shelter, transport group, or even friends of shelter group, Doobert can help you manage your transport requests, fundraisers and even find new volunteers. In the video above we explain the various ways that organizations can use Doobert and how to apply to get your organization going. Simply sign-up as YOU first (using email/password or Facebook) and on the left menu once you log in, under Org Accounts hit “Request New Org.” Fill out the information on your organization so we can set it up and get you going.  We verify each organization to keep Doobert focused only on Animal Welfare organizations and saving animals.  So please get started by signing up as YOU below and then you can apply for your organization.

Transport Coordinators Needed

Are you a transport coordinator (TC) for either ground or aviation transports? Are you interested in helping coordinate transports with Doobert to support the animal organizations and volunteers? Whether you have experience being a TC or are new to the concept, we would gladly welcome your assistance and will train you on the awesome aspects of Doobert. Simply click the button to send us a message and we’ll get back in touch with you.

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Transport Coordinators Needed

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