Forest County Humane Society has been in existence for 25 years. Their mission continues to be the “Shelter from the Storm” a safe haven for companion animals, providing food, medical care, and human tenderness. To continue to enrich the lives of animals, families, and communities through adoption services, education, and by always taking a firm stand against animal cruelty. They try to give every dog training in basic obedience so that when they are placed in a home they will have basic manners that will make it easier on the dog and adopters. They work hard to give every dog a play partner, so they are more adaptable to multi-dog families and it provides more time and plays while they are staying with them. They reunite lost pets with their families or adopt out over 200 dogs and 150 cats per year. They are an open enrollment no-kill shelter and every animal is loved and cared for by all of them.

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