Punch holes in the sky; save animals; feel good!

Doobert facilitates the transport of animals from animal shelters and rescues to their new homes. Sometimes their forever homes are across the country so we are always looking for animal rescue pilots to volunteer to safely fly these animals to where they need to go.

In order to volunteer your services as an animal rescue pilot, all you need to do is to register yourself on Doobert and create your transporter profile. Our software will then send you an email with the details of upcoming transport requests along with the information on those animals that need to be transported so that you can choose which transports you can assist with.

Doobert is proud to be supporting some of the leading pilot based organizations like Animal Rescue Flights, Pilots to the Rescue, Pilot.dog and Flying Fur. These organizations and many more understand the power of the Doobert system for coordinating more effective animal rescue relay transports. Only Doobert allows you to combine both ground and aviation transport together in one seamless system. Every transport request is plotted on Google Maps and we’ve even georeferenced all of the general aviation airports in the country right on the map so you can easily find airports along the rescue relay transport route.

It does not take a lot of time or effort to serve as a volunteer on Doobert because we take the noise out of the system and make the process simple. If you are passionate about animals then you’ve come to the right place and we’re proud to support you to combine your passions for aviation and animals together in a convenient way.

Being an animal rescue pilot or managing and coordinating a transport can be done within a few mouse clicks on Doobert, but the impact on these animals’ lives is invaluable. So please, register with Doobert as an animal rescue pilot and begin saving precious lives. Register here!