Use your car; save animals; feel good!

At Doobert, you can volunteer in the most simplistic way possible. You need not do something extraordinary or extravagant. Transporting animals and ensuring their safety while they are transported from animal shelters to their new homes requires volunteers like you who care enough to get involved. You can facilitate these transfers using your car to transport these rescued animals to their new homes.

Register yourself on Doobert and enter your zip code and available days. We then send you an email whenever there is an animal that requires transport in your area. You can then decide whether you wish to opt in for the requested transport or if you need to wait for the next one. It’s as simple as allowing an animal to hitch a ride with you while you drive from one place to another.

The upcoming rescue relay transports are also displayed to you very conveniently on a map and you can plot your transport route very easily. With our web portal, it is very easy to locate open legs and select the one in your area, and volunteer as an animal rescue relay transport driver.

The benefits of being an animal rescue driver are two-fold:

  1. You get to follow your passions and help animals get to safety and
  2. You do not have to take time off your routine to do so. You can easily select which transports fit best within your available time. There’s no fancy charity or no demands on extra time – it’s that easy for you, and that convenient for us.

Above all – it’s going to make one little puppy or one little kitten happy for life!

Register today as an animal rescue driver and begin saving lives.