Animal Rescue Transport Co-ordinator

Animal Rescue Transport Co-ordinator is the only software/website that helps coordinate animal rescue relay transports more effectively.

Rescues enter the from/to and we plot the route on Google maps, and automatically notify and manage the sign-up of the volunteers along the route. Sometimes a single transport will require 20-30 volunteers to participate and be coordinated in order to get the animals where they need to go. But technology isn’t enough, we need more volunteer transport coordinators. The transport coordinator (TC) is the overall responsible person coordinating all aspects of the transport. We can provide training on how to coordinate and how to use the software and you would then help rescues and shelters, taking their transport requests and creating the route in the system, manage the sign-up of the people by ensuring that questions about the animals being transported or timing or destinations are answered, and basically acting as the overall contact person for that specific transport. Being a TC does require good communication and computer skills, and the ability to handle questions and respond to changes. The idea being that if we can get more coordinators and monitors we can increase the number of transports, thus saving more animals.

If you’re still interested, here’s what the next steps would be to get you up and running:

  • Animal Rescue Transport Co-ordinator
    Go to and watch the videos to get an idea of how things work. Creating a transport videos under the organization side are specifically what you will be doing so pay extra attention to those so you get an idea of what’s going on. Not to worry, I think the longest one is 5 mins so they are short.
  • Animal Rescue Transport Co-ordinator
    Once you have watched the videos about the software, take the transport coordinator training here: YouTube Video of Transport Coordinator Training.   Then we’ll get you setup in the Doobert Sandbox and get you paired up with a rescue or shelter needing your help!

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