Did you find that perfect animal at a rescue or shelter but need help to get them transported to you?  We’re happy to help you.  Doobert is not a rescue organization but rather a powerful software platform that links the volunteer transporters (both drivers and pilots) to the rescues and shelters to help them plan things out.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact the animal rescue or animal shelter organization that you’re adopting the animal from.
  2. Tell them about Doobert.com and direct them to sign-up as an organization (Only approved Doobert organizations can post transport requests to ensure it’s a rescue animal).
  3. We’ll get them approved right away and help them setup the transport request.

Got questions?  Do they have questions?  Just tell them to click the “Help/Support” button down below and we’re happy to help.  We’re all volunteers but are proud to help support organizations and people saving animals.