Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot


Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Do you have plans to adopt a pet but never really came around to doing so because of the overcomplicated adoption process? 

You are not alone in this worry! Several people wanted to rescue and adopt pets from shelters and rescue organizations. Unfortunately, the process of doing so required much effort and time. In the end, many tend to switch to pet stores and buy pets instead. 


Aiding Adopters With Single Applications and Helping Rescues Smoothen the Process

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Nicole Patrick, the founder of Rescue Spot and Chic, Chien, and Chateau, recognized this very problem and decided to make and offer a solution. 

“So, Rescue Spot is a new web or mobile platform. It is an essentialized platform that streamlines the pet adoption process through rescue organizations and pet adopters while connecting the two.”

Rescue Spot offers a way to search through various adoptable pets throughout America. It is a way for potential adopters to instantly message and connect with their choice of rescue organizations and find a suitable pet they can adopt. Through the website, you can also donate to any pet website!

According to Nicole, the pride of Rescue Spot is its one-time application filing! You can fill up a single application and apply instantly to adopt or foster a pet! 

There will be no need to fill up a bunch of applications with essentially the same questions that are only worded differently. Rescue Spot will ensure that your adoption process is easy and less hassle! 

Once approved for a pet, you can complete the other adoption paperwork on the platform. You also have the means to check your adoption status on your dashboard! 

It is Nicole’s way of making the adopters feel they have the power and control over the process. 

Rescue Spot isn’t just for the adopters’ benefit! It can also help lessen the burden of rescue organizations by simplifying just about everything! 

Rescue Spot gives them a website, profile, and custom URL. They can post their happy tales, touching videos, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities there! 

“We recently launched. We are excited to be in a new space and changing the adoption game.”


Rescue Spot’s Birth Story and How It Came to Be 

Adopt A Pet With Less Hassle │ Rescue Spot

Everything started as a hobby for Nicole. She was an actress with a hidden passion and desire to help animals. With the burning need to do more, Nicole started with an idea. 

She started by helping potential purchasers adopt pets instead of buying them in stores. She did so by helping friends find their breed of choice in shelters by going through pet adoption websites to look for it. 

“Websites were not up-to-date. The pet listings were not up-to-date. The pets are usually already been adopted by somebody else by the time I found them online. So I’ve been spending all my time as an adopter, essentially, just filling out applications and never hearing back from the rescues.”

Years later, she finally decided to leave acting behind and focus on helping animals. She worked in Africa with lions and cheetahs before she moved back to the US and worked in dog rescue. 

Working there, she grew frustrated over time as all she mostly did was call up strangers to reference-check potential adopters. It was time-consuming and tiring. 

Experiencing both sides of the coin of pet adoption, Nicole recognized problems and worked on a potential solution. 

Through Rescue Spot, she made it easy for adopters to adopt by filing only a single application and having communication with rescue organizations. On the other hand, she made it easy for shelters and rescues by letting them filter the applications using their parameters and offering 3-5 pre-verified reference statements to save them time. 

So far, Rescue Spot has stayed true to its vision. 

“The No. 1 is to know that we are successfully facilitating easy and quick adoptions for people, and then the other thing is to help rescue organizations grow their foster program.”

If you are interested to joining Rescue Spot, try their 6-month free membership for Doobert listeners. Visit Rescue Spot at to redeem your discount!

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Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole Patrick, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome, introduction Nicole. So, thank you really excited to have you here. You get to start us off, tell us  who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Nicole: Hi guys, I’m Nicole Patrick. I’m from New York City, and I am the founder of Rescue Spot. 

So, Rescue Spot is a new web and mobile platform. It’s a centralized platform that streamlines the pet adoption process for both rescue organizations and pet adopters while connecting the two.

So, for pet adopters, it’s kind of like the common app for colleges, but for pets. You’re able to search through adoptable pets all throughout America. You can instantly message with rescue organizations, you’re able to search through fosterable pets as well.

You can donate to any pet on our website. And the cool thing about us is that when you register, you fill out a one-time application and you can use that application to apply instantly for any pet on the site.

So, if you’re used to looking for pets online and having to find different websites for different shelters, and then having to fill out tons of different applications that are essentially the same questions, just word it a little differently.

We completely have changed the game with that. You just fill out a one-time app with us and you can instantly apply to adopt the pets and you can also instantly apply to foster any pet.

So, we offer real-time fostering opportunities. And then once you’re approved for a pet, you’re able to complete all the adoption paperwork on our platform.

You can also check in on your dashboard and see the status of your application.

So, we really give adopters the power of adoption in their hands. They are able to kind of take control for the first time ever.

For rescue organizations, we are simplifying everything for them. We give them a website-style profile with a custom URL.

They’re able to put up their happy tales videos, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities. Yeah, so for smaller rescues, we’re finding that they’re using us instead of a website. Because we host everything for them and it’s really simple for them to update their pets.

So, we recently launched, we’re very excited to be new in the space and changing the adoption game.

Chris: Yeah, I mean, it sounds like you’ve thought of everything. I mean, you must have a lot of experience in doing this to know all this stuff that an animal rescue needs to be successful.

Nicole: So, I’ve worked in the pet adoption world for about ten years, and I have a lot of experience on both sides of the coin of pet adoption.

I started Chic Chien Chateau, my pet rescue, a little over 10 years ago, and it started as a hobby of mine.

I was working as an actress, and I wanted to help out pets, but I didn’t really know how. 

So, I thought, all right, what’s something that I could do  from home or from set that would help out?

So, I came up with this idea that I would try and help potential pet purchasers adopt a pet instead of buying pets.

So, I would go to all my sort of new york city upper east side friends and say, instead of getting a pomeranian, or instead of buying new yorkie, give me a week or two and I’ll try and find one in a shelter for you.

What I found was usually the websites were not up to date. The pets usually had already been adopted by somebody else by the time I even found them online.

So, I really was spending all of my time as an adopter, essentially just filling out applications and then never hearing back from the rescues.

So, I pivoted a little bit. I decided probably five years later to really focus on working with animals and sort of leave acting a little bit behind just because I’d always really wanted to work with animals, and I realized that that was really my calling in life.

So, after I spent a few months in Africa, and I was volunteering with cheetahs and lions and leopards, and that was sort of my AHA moment of, okay, this this is what I meant to be doing.

And I decided that I really wanted to work with dogs after my time in this dog rescue and—you know.

So, I decided to start my own foster-based rescue in New York, Connecticut, and it’s called Chic Chien Chateau.

So, I created Chic Chien Chateau. So, it kind of was a more upscale pet store, pet boutique, animal shelter.

And so what we do, or what we did mainly was we charged higher adoption fees and took the proceeds from those adoption fees and put it into a medical needs fund. And it’s been a wonderful experience.

We’ve had a lot of amazing pets. We’ve had a lot of pets that we’ve saved. So, it’s a delicate matter to try and fix.

Chris: Yeah, these are not easy problems to solve. And I’m really fascinated by the fact that you had limited experience with technology and you said, “You know what? I know I can solve this.”

I’ve seen this, I’ve been dealing with this for ten years. So, you said, I’m just going to dive head first in and figure this out.

When did you actually start then developing the software?

Nicole: So, we started in September of this year. We started in September of this year, and then everything really finished April of this year. It’s a pretty quick turnaround.

Chris: And then how is it you’ve launched now, and I’m sure you’ve got a ton of things you’re planning to do, but how has it been working so far?

Nicole: It’s been great.

One of our big worries was that rescue organizations just were going to be really hard to get onto the platform.

And once I started speaking with people and kind of telling them, okay, I had this idea, I’ve raised money for it, they were like, that’s amazing, that’s great.

But good luck getting rescues onto the platform because they’re so overwhelmed.

And that’s kind of the problem that you’re trying to solve for them is this too many emails, too many people are reaching out to them.

So, I started going on Instagram and messaging rescues, and that really worked very well. I really was able to get a lot of rescue organizations onto the site, and more importantly, I was able to get them pre-launched to give me a lot of feedback and to work with them to make sure that the platform really was molded to their needs.

Chris: Yeah, that’s really cool. So, what’s your vision? Where do you take this?

Nicole: So that’s, number one is to know that we’re successfully facilitating easy and quick adoptions for people.

And then the other thing is to help rescue organizations grow their foster program.

By combining the two, it’s really my hope that will not only help adopt more pets, but help rescues and shelters be able to grow the intake that they have— currently.

Chris: It’s going to be really neat to see where you take this over the next few years. Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today?

Nicole: Yeah, so we have a really cool special code for Doobert listeners.

If you sign on to our platform, you can go to WWW.RESCUE-SPOT.COM and rescue organizations are going to get a six-month free trial with the code DOOBERT.

So, you can come on the platform. You can choose any different subscription that you want. You’ll get that for free for six months.

We hope that adopters as well will come onto the platform and get some pets adopted.

Chris: Yeah, I love that.

And I appreciate the discount for our Dooberteers and our Doobert listeners.

I love the vision. I love what you’re trying to do. And obviously, we want to help you out however we can.

And as I wrap up our show today, I always like to remind our viewers and listeners that Nicole is a great example of this.

She’s somebody that didn’t have a background in tech, but she had a passion and she knew she wanted to help the animals.

And that’s where it starts. It starts with an idea. That’s where innovation comes from.

So, maybe you’re listening to Nicole tell her story and you’re going, I’ve always had this idea to do something, whether it’s a product, service or even just an idea.

If it’s helping animals or the people that love them, we want to know about it. So, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW in your browser and we’d love to have you on the show and talk about it and learn what these new innovations are.

So, Nicole, thank you again for coming on. Really excited for what you’re doing.

Thank you for building Rescue Spot and I’m excited to see where you’re going to take it.

Nicole: Thank you so much.

And thank you for having me and more importantly, for giving a voice to so many people who are innovating life for people and animals.

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