Addicted to rescue transport? Us too. 6 reasons we love rescue transports.

We know you love animal rescue transport and we’re proud to support you.

After all, some addictions are good, right?  Here’s 6 reasons we love them!

1. They provide us the chance to meet new people. –

When was the last time you met some new friends that are as passionate about animals as you are?




2. They’re a great way to see the country. –

No we’re not talking about how you fly your drone around with your iPhone attached,

we’re talking about actually getting out and seeing the great states that we live in.





3. Who doesn’t want more puppy kisses? –

If we have to explain this one to you then we’ve got other problems.

4. Now we have something to talk about around the water cooler on Monday. –

Finally, stories to share so we don’t have to listen to how our co-workers’ kids’ soccer games went.




5. Dogs are people too. –


6. They fill our souls with ooey gooey goodness. –

Participating in animal rescue relay transport is better than the ooeyest, gooiest brownies filled with caramel…and they’re no-fat, zero calories and satisfy that “Yeah, I helped save a life” feeling.







Why do you love rescue transports?


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