App Provides Digestive Health Support for Dogs by Checking Dogs’ Poop | DIG Labs

If you’re looking for free, on-demand digestive health support for your beloved Fido, DIG Labs is the answer. Co-founded by Tara Zedayko, Jessica Chu, and Nicole Scalamandre, DIG Labs is an app that allows dog parents to get personalized health and nutrition recommendations for their dog — all with just [...]

In-Phone Case Eyepiece Adapter Captures High-Quality Images for Better Pet Health | Skoped Micro

Who knew you could use an in-phone case eyepiece adapter to get clear and crisp pictures for your pet’s better health? Well, Skoped Micro is an innovative app that makes digital pathology more accessible for microscopic diagnosis and research. According to Dr. Cade Wilson, a veterinarian, a practice owner in [...]

Dog Dental Product Improves Dog’s Teeth for Healthy Dog Gums | TEEF for Life – Protektin42

Improve your furbabies’ dental health in a safer, revolutionary way! TEEF for Life’s Protektin42 prebiotic powder makes healthy dog gums within your and your Fidos’ reach. According to Dr. Emily Stein, a self-proclaimed microbiologist geek, the co-founder of TEEF, and inventor of Protektin42™, the idea for drinkable dental health started [...]