Creating Partnerships That Strengthen Human-Animal Connections | Animals Connect Everyone

Did you know that there are over 50,000 therapy dogs in the U.S. alone? Not only that, but 74% of pet owners believe that their mental health improved as a result of the emotional support they received from their pets. Moreover, 93% of people with pets claim that service dogs [...]

A Pet ID Tag That Stores All Your Pet’s Information?! | PetHub

Picture this: your usually shy pet bolted out of their litter box and into the world outside your garage, not even bothering to look back nor think twice as they went their merry way to wherever pets’ version of Disneyland is. Out of shock, you watched them go, and it [...]


Tell us how the transport came together?Smooth as silk! Great communication and comaraderie in the group. Were there any memorable moments from this transport?He slept most of the time but his yawns were so sweet!What could have made this transport better?It was great! No issues.Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior,…

Fiv Kitty (Grey)

Picked up from Durham an hour early (5:00pm)from outstanding volunteers, Walt Williams and his wife at the preferred pick up point, Cracker Barrel on I 85.  They  transferred kitty to my car and we exchanged info, though kitty had no papers going with her.  I wasn't sure what the issue was…

Building Authentic Connections on IG | Skarlet Shuplat

Instagram—the free and popular photo-sharing and video-sharing social media platform that has pervaded everyone’s personal and social lives. But does Instagram help businesses succeed, especially those in the pet industry? If creating compelling social media campaigns centered around animals is something that strikes your interest, then you might be pleased [...]


Tell us how the transport came together?Four of us relayed this deserving, beautiful Great Pyrenees from Sacramento SPCA to San Bernardino Great Pyrenees Rescue. Were there any memorable moments from this transport?Our team worked together by communicating with each other and planning for contingencies. We adjusted the schedule and meeting…