5-Star Pet Hotel Rehomes Homeless Pets | Wagmor Pets

Who knew that you could actually reinvent a five-star dog hotel and spa into a nonprofit organization that’s also focused on animal rescue? That’s exactly what Melissa Bacelar, founder of The Wagmor Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa, did when she started Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue. According to Melissa, “I, for [...]

Saving Homeless Animals in Southern California Through Transports and Spay/Neuter | START Rescue

The sad news is, despite how much we love animals, pet homelessness remains a huge problem in the U.S. The silver lining? Organizations like Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team—also known as START Rescue—are ready to lend a hand in solving this problem. According to Steve Spiro, one of the co-founders [...]

3 fur babies.

Three delightful fur babies.  One very timid young lady, one absolute love bug (droopy) and one tiny little bundle of joy. 

Pet Store in Coconut Creek Offers Healthy Pet Food Supplies | PetNMind

Are you looking for a coconut pet store in Coconut Creek that sells natural pet food and supplies? PetNMind is a five-year-old company based in Coconut Creek, South Florida that has everything you need for your cats and dogs! According to Adrian Archie, founder and CEO of PetNMind, “We focus [...]

Personalized Pet Ramps for Your Dogs | Rufframps

Did you know that many dogs suffer from injuries resulting from them jumping off of high beds? In fact, some of their common injuries include cruciate ligament ruptures, back troubles, strains, sprains, and early onset canine arthritis. To help lower the statistics of pet injuries, hand-crafted pet ramps customized for [...]

Track and Coordinate Your Dog’s Activities | DogLog App

Are you having trouble monitoring your dog’s daily activities and health? Thanks to the DogLog app, you can now have all this information at your fingertips! Established by the father-and-daughter tandem Gideon and Lynn Marks, DogLog aims to become one of the best apps for dog owners in terms of [...]

An App Designed to Save At-Risk Animals | Pet Pardon

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, U.S. shelters euthanize about 1.5 million animals every year. Although the number had declined from the 2.6 million euthanized animals in 2011, it still consists of a significant number of perfectly healthy animals being euthanized every day at [...]

Miles travels north to new life

Miles is the sweetest, most gentle boy! He was clearly a little nervous but he wasnt difficult to deal with. If anything, he seemed resigned to his fate. If only he knew how wonderful his new life was going to be. Although we repeatedly told him, we weren’t sure he…