Eye-Opening Film About Dog Fighting Aims to Shed Light on Animal Cruelty | Chance the Film

Did you know that about 57% of the population don’t [...]

Piper to Dogtown

This sweet cocker spaniel needed transport from the southern part of the U.S. to Dog Town, a retail/boarding/rescue facility in Pennsylvania.  I was the last driver of a two day transport.  Everyone who came in contact with this adorable boy fell in love.  He was so trusting and adaptable.  The…

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Connecting Dog Lovers and Vendors to Raise Funds for Shelters and Rescues | Real Dog Moms of Chicago

It all started with a simple joke back in 2017. [...]

Great Greta

Tell us how the transport came together?Everything came together smoothly Were there any memorable moments from this transport?My most memorable moment was patting a scared Greta and feeling her body relax. What could have made this transport better?Nothing Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?Greta was a shy but…

Night Transport with Greta

I was a photographer part of Greta's transport from Alexandria, VA to Annapolis, MD. Being an animal lover, my first transport was exciting. The Great Dane was such a sweetheart and everyone part of the leg was nice. It was great interacting with fellow animal lovers. The transport was heartbreaking…

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