Animal Shelter of the Week: Episode 66 – Ohlone Humane Society

Founded in 1983, the Ohlone Humane Society is an animal welfare nonprofit that advocates for all creatures, from urban wildlife to companion animals and serves the communities of Fremont, Newark and Union City. While OHS doesn’t operate a shelter, they are one of the few humane societies to maintain a [...]

3 Simple Tips on Effective Fundraising for Shelters and Rescues

  For animal rescues and shelters, fundraising is an integral part of running an animal welfare organization. Some people thrive on fundraising, while others abhor it and view it as a difficult but necessary requirement. But be that as it may, what makes some organizations more successful than others at [...]

Describe the Needs of Different Animals Needing Foster Homes

Not every potential foster parent understand the variety of needs your foster program has. Too often, we forget to highlight specific needs that capture the attention of the right homes. Rather than focusing on specific animals, try showcasing your foster program in a video by animal types to best highlight [...]

Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 64 – Love-A-Bull

Love-A-Bull is a registered 501c3 nonprofit in Austin, Texas. Started over eleven years ago, their mission is to promote responsible guardianship and improve the image and lives of pit bull-type dogs through community support, education, advocacy, and rescue. They offer a myriad of programs including adoptions, vaccination clinics, canine therapy, [...]