Distemper Can Be Spread on Humans and Pet Equipment

Respiratory secretions and airborne pathogens are not the only ways that Canine and Feline Distemper can be spread to other animals.  Humans can carry the Distemper virus on their hands, clothing, and shoes, in addition to other surfaces and materials that can harbor the disease, such as blankets, food and [...]


This was my first experience with Doobert.  I was happy with the resources on Doobert to learn more about what to expect.  I blown away by the excellent communication and y how much coordination the team at PointerRescue.org did for this 19 leg transport from TX to CA.  It was…

The Unplanned Blessing

My participation in the transport of Kaiden and Toby just wasn’t in the cards. I knew I’d be teaching 12 eight year olds in Bible School all week and was also helping a friend prepare a homecoming party for her son and his family. Then I got the message that…